Friday, February 24, 2012

It's all fun and games until someone puts a leash on the baby

It's been a bit of a rough week or two for all of us but we are alive and back in action... mostly...

Madeleine is back to her usual precocious self and Juliette is... well... Juliette. Insane mostly.

Yesterday Madeleine stood up on her little step stool and proudly told me that she was, "Big and tall like giraffes." I asked her is I was big and tall like giraffes too and she told me, "No. You big and tall like princesses." Which won her major points in my book.

Today she was a little sassier. She told me that it was her birthday and that she wanted to go to Grandmom's house for "choc cream". I asked her if we could have some here instead and she said no, she only wanted it at Grandmom's house. I reminded her it was not actually her birthday to which she narrowed her eyes and responded, "No it's Madeleine's birthday."

Then later I found her playing with headphones and pretending to listen to music. It was all well and good until she tried to put the headphones around her sister's neck and use the chord as a leash. I stopped that game very quickly. Juliette just looked pleased as punch though to be included in her sister's game.

It's been a slow couple of weeks but we are recovering. Finally. Now if only my house would magically recover from all the cleaning I was not able to do while the girls were sick... But for now, bed.