Monday, October 31, 2011

An Interesting Weekend

This weekend I visited my parents in "Stars Hollow, Connecticut". I am leaving to go back home today. Why am I here? Glad you asked! My little sister is in town!

Hannah, as well as LAUNNICK (Madeleine believes them to be one person making her understanding of the sacrament of marriage greater than most Americans), arrived early Friday morning, we are talking like 3:30, so we didn't get to see them until we woke up.

Still, the girls and I got in Thursday night waaaaay before the newlyweds and the curly blonde head so we had to find ways to entertain ourselves.

Carly had been working at a Halloween event in town and had come back with a bunch of temporary tattoos. Naturally, Carly thought it would be an awesome idea to use them on the girls so now Madeleine has a butterfly in her chubby belly and Juliette has a panda bear tramp stamp. Madeleine is very proud of her tattoo and lifts up her shirt to show it to us every ten minutes or so. And when we really tell her how pretty it looks on her she goes up to her sister and lifts up her shirt as well.

In typical fashion we spent half of Friday eating and the other half trying to figure out what to do in the evening because "Trunk or Treating" on the Town Green had been canceled due to weather. Now, I know what you are thinking. "Why were you going to something called 'Trunk or 'Treating' to begin with. That sounds like you would be walking around taking candy from strangers cars and isn't that the opposite of what we try to teach our children?" I don't know. And yes.

Saturday is when the real snowfall began. I had told my old nemisis SNOW that I refused to be put down by it this year. That it could do it's worst and I would still go out. So naturally, when the one inch it had dumped in the morning coated the street and we were trying to figure out if we should all still go shopping I laughed in the face of danger.

We got halfway there, turned around, and came home. You win this round SNOW but I will win the war.

I found out on Sunday that my power had gone out back in Massachusetts so I decided to stay the extra night here. Kyle was going to be picking up an extra shift anyway to help with the havoc the SNOW had unleashed on the airport (or more like the crazy-a people who go to the airport in the snow when their flights have been delayed or canceled just to scream at the people who work there. mess with my husband and the next time I am pregnant I WILL sit on you).

Since I was staying the extra night my mom asked if I wanted to lead Mafia at the Life Night. Since I am obsessed with crime shows (current fav, Criminal Minds. Dr. Spencer Reid. I've got a thing for tall, awkward, nerd types) I got reeeeeaaaaally into it. When it was my turn to play and someone else to lead I picked out who was in the Mafia correctly by the end of the second "night". Either I am a brilliant detective or I played waaay too much in college. I'm kind of betting the latter.

But today I am taking Elmo and Cookie Monster (or Cookie Hat as Madeleine calls the character) home to go Trick or Treating with their daddy. We miss him like CRAZY and are so excited to see him! It should be lots of fun, lots of candy, and wicked cold.

And a warning to SNOW... I'll get you next time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Places Madeleine has redesigned with her crayons...

Madeleine loves drawing pictures. It can keep her occupied for quite a while. Sometimes I sit with her and other times I head to the kitchen to cook or do dishes. When that happens she runs into the room every minute or so to show me the improvements she has made on her picture and after I "oooohhhh" and "awwwwww" to her satisfaction she runs back into the playroom to color some more. Now, this sounds like a nice set up, right? Madeleine does something intellectually stimulating while I get much needed housework under my belt so I can be ready for more "hands on" activities.

I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to realize that leaving my darling daughter in a room alone with art supplies is a no good very bad idea... but I blame extreme lack of caffeine with a side of "haven't slept through the night in two and a half years".

These are places Madeleine has "visually improved".... yup... I'm going with that

1. The art paper. What a beautiful picture from my talented little artist. It is going on the fridge immediately.

2. The art table. Not too unusual. I'm not upset. Maybe she just missed the paper?

3. The chairs on the art table. Okay... I'm having a hard time believe this one was an accident.
4. The toy chest. Alright Madeleine... that is all the way across the room from the art table.

5. The puzzles. How do you clean wood?

6. The wall. ALL OVER THE WALL. In orange. And when I asked her about it she completely denied it. Flat out.


8. Bitty Baby. Specifically the left side of her head.

9. Bitty Baby's high chair. Sigh

10. Her thigh. I believe she did that in purple.

11. Her own face. I'm not even mad! That's impressive!

12. Her sister. Specifially her sister's back. I came into the room to find green crayon all over her sisters back. And, of course, both of them were laughing hysterically.

And, of course, if I forget to pick up even one crayon Juliette will find it and try to eat it.

I write this post after hosing down the wall and giving the toddler a time out. It's very hard to discipline when you are trying not to laugh.

Madeleine... did you color on the wall?
Madeleine? Who colored on the wall?
Mommy color. (as I carry her to time out) NOOO MOM!!!

It's probably not a good idea to try to pin your crimes on the accuser. Made me laugh though.

Anyway.... Moral of the Story... art time is now a FAMILY activity.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Writing and moonlighting

This has been one of those weeks! I'll tell you my friends, I am exhausted! Kyle has had overnight training shifts at the airport for the past two nights in a row which means I, as well, have been logging in overtime hours. But instead of big airplanes I have two angelic little girls so I can't really feel bad for myself at all.

Tonight I was feeling particularly zonked so I allowed Madeleine to stay up extra late and watch some TV with me... mostly because I didn't want to have to wrestle her into her crib but also because she just felt so warm tucked under my arm and snuggling her is so very delightful.

Currently the bed is piled high with clean laundry just asking to be hung but instead I am here blogging. I really don't want to do the laundry so tonight I'm just gonna ignore that it exists. If, later, I stumble to bed and it hasn't magically sorted itself I'll throw it all on the dresser. Problem solved.

I'm not entirely sure what this blog post is about, I only know that I felt like writing. This blog has been a fantastic outlet for me to write about day to day life and stay connected with my family and friends. Even though it started as a place for me to record stories about the girls to embarrass them with in the future it has turned into something I am proud of and that I enjoy doing. Writing has always been a passion of mine and although I don't feel called or skilled enough to write an elaborate novel, a simple day to day journal is the perfect thing to satisfy my craving to "put pen to paper" so to speak.

One of my greatest literary inspirations was my high school English teacher, John Stanizzi. He was the first person to tell me that I had any kind of discernible skill and really took it upon himself to encourage and challenge me. He is a brilliant poet and a kind mentor. He was my dad away from home during high school and as much as he respected me as a student he cared for me as a person, he cared for all of his students. I believe that that is the mark of a great teacher.

Now when I write I don't always pay attention to grammar or spelling as much as I do what is in my heart. That was something he taught me as well. He knew that in order to be a great writer you had to write from your heart and use the voice that God gave you. Grammar and spelling were always secondary to that. Now, I don't consider myself a great writer but I know that because of him I will always be someone who writes from their heart.

Anyway, enough of my exhausted ramblings. I'm going to drink some tea and settle down with some CSI (again) before I call it a night. I'm hoping Kyle will be home by one in the morning and I would really like to go to bed at the same time as him for once. It is a luxury we are rarely able to enjoy. Goodnight!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What mass is like with kids

Back before I had kids I would see the two year old climbing all over the pew and think to myself, "Horrors! Surely my children will never do such a thing!" or something like that. That makes it sound like I think in "British"... normally my mind is not that proper.

Nowadays when I see a toddler standing on a pew who isn't pelting other parishioners with hymnals I wonder what they have done to get their kid to behave so nicely.

Our real problem is that because of Kyle's schedule we have to go to either the 4:30 Saturday or the 5:00 Sunday mass and that means that we don't even TRY to get the kids down for their naps. The only thing worse than a baby who has not napped is a baby who was from her crib untimely ripped. (five points to anyone who gets the reference.)

So we usually roll into mass about 2 minutes late. We like less that a mile from our parish but even if we left our house at about a half hour before we had to be there we would probably still end up late. I'm convinced our neighborhood has a Bermuda Triangle thing going on.

And of course, because this is Massachusetts and everyone talks "wicked fast" the priest is just about to begin the Gospel.

Madeleine genuflects before entering the pew and I am proud. Super proud. I'm beaming. We sit down, she sits and folds her hands and goes, "Jesus. Hi. Amen." I'm not smiling like the Cheshire Cat. SO CUTE!

Kyle usually starts off holding Juliette and I am trying to explain what is happening in the mass to Madeleine. Everything is quiet for a minute or two. Soon enough however Juliette is squealing so loud I'm convinced no one can hear the lector and Madeleine is crawling under the pew back and forth transporting the hymnals.

Kyle hands Juliette to me. The squealing gets louder. He tried to pick up Madeleine who now is making a fort out of said hymnals. He picks her up and tells her it is time to pray.


Kyle heads to the back of the church with her where there is no cry room. She is told she has lost her cookie. I hear her NOOOOOOOOs tapering off as he distracts her. Usually she is trying to wash her hands in the holy water font. I'm down with that.

Meanwhile Juliette realizes that I am holding her but she is not nursing. That won't do. She is pulling at my shirts and head butting me in the chest. Kyle comes back just in time. Madeleine says, "HI MOM! HI BABY!" I hand Juliette over to him who starts teething on his shoulder. Madeleine sits in the pew for about a minute. Then she puts down the foot rest, stands on it, and starts leaning forward into the pew in front of us. Her butt is in the air and she cannot get down.

As I am getting her down Kyle is distracting Juliette with the hymnals. He hands her one and she immediately throws it on the floor and reaches for the next because that is just the stage she is in. Madeleine picks up the hymnal, examines it, and starts pointing and loudly saying, "Jesus mommy! Jesus mommy!"

Luckily for us they are normal very good during, as Madeleine calls it, the "HI JESUS" part. The point where I point up at the Eucharist being held in the hands of the priest and tell Madeleine, "There is Jesus." To which she usually says, in a whisper, "Hi Jesus."

On the way back from communion there are people pointing and smiling at them. Those people have clearly not heard what has been going on in the back of the church.

We get back to our seats and without fail one of us has to take one of them to the back of the church again. This is made particularly tricky if we have arrived late and the person at the end of the row has refused to move in so we were stuck in the middle. Usually by the end of mass they have let us out and back in again so many times that my guess is no "isle seat" is worth that amount of trouble. Or they have peaced out right after communion. Once again, this is Massachusetts.

We stay until the priest has processed back up the isle and head out. We stop at the statue of Mary in front of the church because Madeleine loves Jesus Mommy Hail Mary. It hasn't been a peaceful experience and I didn't have much time for contemplation. However I have the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity inside of me so I know that I am the closest I can possibly be to God.

Being a mom doesn't give a lot of time from prayer but it provides a lot of opportunities to grow in holiness.... even though by the end of mass I am usually more tired then when I hit the gym.

Even through their craziness I see the fruits of taking my children to mass in my day to day life, especially in how Madeleine has grown in her prayer life. And she is only two! It's hard but I certainly wouldn't do it any other way. While my children are young I'll have to remember that even though I don't get long peaceful stretches for prayer that God is still working within me through my husband and children. Putting the needs of my children before my own is part of my vocation and it's by living my vocation in even the smallest details that I will grow closer to God. Outside of receiving the Eucharist nothing revitalizes my faith like loving my family because they are my gift from God and my path to Him as well.

I guess what I am saying is that I will take my time alone with God whenever I can get it, those are essential to restore me for day to day life. However since those moments can be hard to come by I am slowly learning how to make the little moments of life a prayer as well. Dishes, laundry, even peeling Madeleine off of the pew during mass. I'm just thankful for the richness of our faith, the goodness of God, and the vocation of being a wife and mother. Especially to such a holy man and such sweet little girls.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Tantrums: The story of how I got Madeleine's face to turn as red as a ginger who forgot to wear sunscreen

Madeleine has a severe sweet tooth. She lives, breathes, and dreams cookies. Literally. She talks about them in her sleep.

Weeeeeell, last night she had not eaten her dinner so when she came up to me with that FACE and said, "Mommy... cookie please?" I said no. And that just pissed her off.

She started crying. Sobbing. Begging. Pleading. "COOKIE PLEASE!!!!"

And my answer was still no. Until I got "clever".

"Madeleine," I said naively, "you may have a cookie when you eat your string cheese."

There could be nothing wrong with this idea. String cheese is healthy AND she loves it AND when she does I can give her a cookie AND she will love me again. GREAT PLAN!

Madeleine is pleased too. She goes running off to the kitchen so fast that she trips, falls, and slides into the fridge. But she is well on her way to a cookie so nothing well get her down. She pops up with gusto and squeals, "OH GOSH MOM CHEESE!!!!"

I give her the string cheese. She says, "Thank you", trots to the trash, throws it in, and says, "All done mom! Cookie please?"

Tricksy little hobbit!!!! I say no and then it's all exorcist up in this joint. Heads are spinning, screaming, snot running down her nose, and her face looks like we had painted it to match her Elmo costume.

So naturally I ignored it. I nursed the baby and waited. Soon enough she comes up to me, stretches out across my legs, and sniffles on my lap for a bit.

Then she hops up, goes and gets the baby Tylenol, and comes back. "Mommy... drugs please?"

And before the cycle could begin again I scooped her up and carried her to her crib. Without any cookies. She definitely slept about twelve hours. Apparently shape shifting from precious toddler into full out cookie monster takes a lot out of a girl.

But don't worry. She didn't forget about her cookie. In fact, the first words out of her mouth when she woke up this morning were, "Mom.... cookie please?"

Friday, October 21, 2011

One of those kind of days

There are some days that I spend with the girls that aren't all warm and fuzzy. I know! SHOCKER!

Juliette has been a little crank butt lately. She is going through a growth spurt and no matter how much food I give her she prefers to be nursing continuously. And while I could talk about all the awesome calories I am losing through my milk supply and how wonderful it is to nurse your baby, I'm going to say that these past couple of days have been difficult.

I know, I know, I should cherish these days when she is still a little baby and wants to be in my arms 24/7 but for the last three days Kyle has been gone, Madeleine has been bored, and my house looks like it was robbed.

And there are moments when I am positively giddy about the whole thing. I rub her little head and kiss her and enjoy the moment. But there are other moments that have been really hard. I'll be frustrated with having to hold her at all hours of the day and be her 24 hour dairy barn. And then she'll finally be okay with being put down and I'll see that FACE from across the room and all I want to do is drop what I am doing and run to her and scoop her up. And then just nibble on her a bit.

I think in any job there are days that seem tedious, when you are tired and sore and you just want to kick back without people crawling all over you (okay that last part may just be moms) but at least with my job my love makes it possible for me to overcome the "funk".

For the moment they are being entertained by a big purple dinosaur so I am taking a few moments to gather myself so I can be a patient mommy for them. They deserve my best.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another perfect family day

Today we went apple picking and came home with a haul of over 20 lbs of Fugi apple bliss! It was such a fantastic day. As I type some Apple Blondies are cooling on the counter and are being shipped out to one of our friends tomorrow. Now what to do with the other 18 lbs...

Here is our adventure in pictures. For pictures of Sundays' adventure with the petting zoo and animals see my last post. My kids are so sweet all my recipes are now calling for a cup of them instead of sugar.

We never get to get a family picture taken so when a nice lady asked us if we wanted one done we took full advantage.

Unfortunately Madeleine was in a bad mood at the time and only two of the pictures turned out somewhat well. Can't say we didn't try!Madeleine was much more impressed with the trip once the actual apple picking started. I, however, thought that the day was all about me and started picking the apples without her help. I was way too excited about the whole thing.

The "good mommy" part of me kicked in soon enough and I was very happy helping my little girl enjoy our big day out. Even if she didn't always pick the most perfect apples like I would have. She was just so darn cute. And really, the all look the same when baked up yummy like.
Juliette got in on the action too. And by that I meant she held an apple in her hands and examined it closely.She also enjoyed watching her sister pick the apples.
Kyle and Juliette bonded.
This may be one of my favorite pictures ever.
Madeleine was allowed to munch on one of the apples she picked after mommy cleaned it up for her.
Pure bliss...
We then headed over to the swing set to enjoy the beautiful weather.
This was clearly Juliette's favorite part of the trip
Madeleine had "big girl time" when daddy helped her climb the latter to the big slide.
I just love the color of her hair. Auburn...
Down she goes!

Now for the even bigger slide.
Down she goes again!
Look at the hair go!
Mommy was scared of the goats but Madeleine held my hand.
Back home, stripped down to her diaper and ready to destroy some blocks

Monday, October 17, 2011

A Day at the Farm

Notice Madeleine is as far away from the chicken as she can get and Juliette looks like she wants to see if she can ride it. Those are my girls.

Madeleine took this opportunity to try out her animal noises. The horses were quite impressed.
We took a ride on the "Moo Choo". The teenage driver really drove like you'd expect a teenager driver to drive a "Moo Choo". Even Kyle and I were terrified/exhillerated.
Madeleine enjoyed sitting by herself on the "Moo Choo".
I took this picture of myself to document that I went on the ride as well. Some annoying mom kept asking if I was going because she wanted to take my seat. It's like, "Dude! The ride is two minutes long you and your kid can wait your turn! My baby wants me to go with her!"
HUGE brown eyes. They get me every time.
Madeleine's first hay ride!

With my beautiful little girls!Madeleine absolutely loved the cows!

Juliette was enjoying them too.
Being artistic I suppose?The best pet in the whole petting zoo belonged to me!

And because their costumes are just way too cute to handle I figured I'd throw this picture in for your viewing pleasure. They are absolutely edible!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

La Regina della Cucina

I have been a very busy girl this week! Ever since I went to visit my domestic goddess of a sister, Lauren, I have been really stepping it up at home. Fancy deserts, decorating, rearranging, new meals added to my repertoire... I have really earned that "La Regina della Cucina" apron my sister picked me up in Assisi.

Two days ago I made these incredible mint brownies and chicken fried steak. Yesterday we existed off the leftovers and my dad visited to install the new shelves (40 dollars at IKEA) that we got to organize the toys in the playroom. So my home is really becoming a home now.

Today we went apple picking. Well, actually.... we attempted to go apple picking. We never really got past the petting zoo and the hay rides. Even though Madeleine had NO interest in petting the animals she was fascinated by them and insisted on making animal noises to them. She couldn't quite grasp the concept of "chicken". To her a chicken is something on her dinner plate that she dips in ketchup and then eats. Therefore, the chickens were called "DUCK" and subsequently quacked at.

The hay ride was lovely, we were the only family for our turn so Kyle took that opportunity to ask me for a roll in the hay, clever one that husband of mine. Found himself hilarious. Juliette crawled between us during the ride, confused and thrilled by the texture of the hay under her hands and how it stuck to her clothes. Madeleine sat by herself, she is very into doing things by herself and having sat on either of her laps would have been an insult to her independence.

We had to leave without apples in order to make it to mass on time but have vowed to go to an even closer place just to pick up some fresh apples from their farm stand. Nothing from the grocery store can compare.

And of course, because she is a perfect angel, mass was Madeleine's favorite part of the week without question and that makes this momma very happy.

What else have I been up to? Kyle has been sleep talking more so laughing at him has kept me very busy and I've recently become addicted to Pinterest. I spend a decent amount of time after the kids go to bed coming up with outfits I would wear if I actually had money and a reason to get out of my sweat pants, things I want to cook, ways I would organize a home school room, and recipes I want to make. It's a fantastic organization tool. I also baked Kyle's boss her favorite baked goods (those mint brownies) and had Kyle deliver them to her with the message that there would be more with any raises or promotions. So I expect he will be promoted to CEO in no time. I am THAT good of a baker.

My life is simple but very joyful. Play date tomorrow followed by daddy's days off. I vow to put up pictures of the girls at the farm. You've never seen anything cuter.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My confusing love affair with Massachusetts

Massachusetts is a special, special place. Now, I may be a native New Englander but growing up in Connecticut I did not often find a reason to venture to our northern borders. Sure, there was the occasional Six Flags New England trip, the Steubenville conference in Attleboro each summer during high school, and once and a while our cousins would allow us to invade their house for a day or two. But I never really WENT to Massachusetts. Like, really EXPERIENCED this state.

I'd heard tales... tales about these people, our northern neighbors. Called Massholes by some and Baaaahhhhstonians by others. They ALL wear red sox hats every day and they can't say their "r"s and the use the F word in every sentence and they drive with their middle finger up and ready to use at a moments notice. AND NEVER GO TO SOUTHIE. And they are ALL Irish. Which is cool, because I am 1/4 Irish too.

But these things were all folklore as far as I was concerned. The few people I had met from Massachusetts seemed... normal? But maybe they had a shrine to Big Pappi in the Cah they Pahked in Hahvahd Yahd at which they sacrificed poor unwitting Yankees fan hoping to break the Curse of the Bambino. I couldn't be sure. All I knew was my friend Blair told me that all the roads turned to dirt after the border because Massachusetts sucked and Connecticut ruled. And Blair would NEVER lie.

In late spring 2008 Kyle and I were living in Texas when I got a job offer for a youth ministry position in a tiny town south of Worcester and quickly accepted. Massachusetts was close to home and to my family and from my experience in college that I knew I would fit in better in any part of fast paced New England than I ever would in the south. In the years that had passed since high school I had realized that there were a lot of reasons I could like Massachusetts. They drove fast... I drove fast! They liked the Celtics and Patriots.... I liked the Celtics and Patriots! They drank beer.... I drank beer! We would be so very happy there!

I mean, there were a few irreconcilable differences. For instance, October 2004... I still hold that it never happened and should never be mentioned again. Also, I am a registered Republican.

And so we left Texas and headed north. Now, I may have lived in Worcester county for two and a half years but as anyone in Massachusetts will tell you, that doesn't count. My REAL Massachusetts experience began in Metro West, right around when the Bruins were cruising to the Stanley Cup. Living in Worcester county was confusing. When I was home, I hated it. When I drove closer to the city, I was in love. So pretty! So much to do!

Now that we've lived in Metro West for almost a year I've learned something. Massachusetts and I... well, we just work. Massachusetts is like that friend you've had forever who always acts like a complete idiot and you laugh and roll your eyes, act like you have no idea who they are and then wonder why you are still friends. Yet there you are, always kickin it with them because you know you'd miss all the hilarity if you were gone. Let me give you an example.

The other day I was at the bank trying to deposit a check in the drive up ATM. Someone two cars ahead of me was taking too long so the car in front of me started to leave. As they pulled out the car at the ATM did as well. Well, wouldn't you know it Mr Impatient stopped his car blocking the exit to the back, got out, and started cursing out the person who had taken so long at the ATM. Only in Massachusetts.

And after I got over the fear and decided dialing 911 would only escalate the problem I just had to laugh to myself. Only in Massachusetts would Harvard students protest the rich with Ipads in hand. Only in Massachusetts would the signs along the highway reminding people not to drunk drive be changed to memorial signs after Ted Kennedy died. Only in Massachusetts would you get flicked off by an old lady for taking too long loading your double stroller and kids into the car. And yet I love it here.

Those aren't the reasons I love it here. To understand, you'd really have to walk around Boston and see the historic sites of the Revolutionary war, drive around the hills in the fall when the leaves change color, prayed in the gorgeous and historic Catholic churches, seen the patriotism shown on the anniversary of 9/11, and just experience the passion of Boston sports fans... the real ones... not the pink hats. (And I mean, I HATE the red sox.) Maybe it's because my family has been here since the early 1600s. Maybe it's because I think America RULES! Maybe it's because I grew up in Connecticut, a place actually quite similar, and realize that for every mean person there are 50 kind and decent ones.

Whatever it is, unless you experience these things first hand you will have no idea what Massachusetts is all about and you might be like my former self. You'll buy the stereotypes. Some of them are true but still, it's a great place to live and I love it.

But seriously, stay out of Southie.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Sleep talking Kyle- BACK WITH A VENGEANCE

So as you know from previous posts, my husband likes to talk in his sleep. Luvs it. And it's pretty much my favorite too.

This tends to happen when he is really sleep deprived. It used to only occur when I would go into bed at night to force spoon him and catch some Zzzzs before the Milk Monster wakes me up to nurse. He would wake up, babble some nonsense, I would LOL, put up a facebook status about it, and then tease him in the morning.

WELL for the last two nights it's been a horse of a different color. If I had to describe the color of the horse it would be "crazy-messed-up-tie-died" because no single color can adequately symbolize the hilarity of "Sleep talking AND walking AND doing stuff Kyle"... or as I fondly call him, my new favorite Kyle.

Last night, 11:20. Kyle has been in bed for a few hours and I am winding down with my two good friends Detective Mac Taylor and Very Berry Martini. Kyle stumbles out of the bed room and leans against the kitchen counter. Serious looks.

I just remembered I have twenty minutes to do the thing.
(starting to smile but still trying to look serious. This may be good) What thing Kyle?
I have to attach the thing to the thing on the bed.
(Smiling broadly) What thing on the bed?
(frustrated Kyle faces) You know, the chain! The chain or else it will fall off. I have 20 minutes!
(fighting laughter. if I laugh he will stop talking and I want to see where this goes) I have no idea what you are talking about.
You know!!! (getting frustrated. angry serious face) The chain on the bed. I have to do it. 20 MINUTES!
(loses all decorum) BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Sarah- (snorting, not even fighting it)
HAHAHA You go do that Kyle HAHAHAHA!
A few minutes pass by and I hear shuffling in the bedroom. This can not be good.
Kyle! Go back to sleep! You are not awake!
Fine but it won't get done.
That's fine, just go to sleep. (more laughing. posting on facebook followed by even more laughing. I can't wait to talk to him tomorrow)

So I had in my head that this was the greatest birthday present he could have given me. I've been sick all week, confined to the house, wiping snot off of Juliette's face and keeping Madeleine from shoving pieces of paper into the PS3. This is God's gift to Sarah.

Then, tonight... I got an encore.

Same scene. I'm on the couch, it's 12:30 and I am once again visiting with Detective Mac Taylor and a glass of water with lemon. Out comes Kyle, serious face and all.

Kyle- I have to set the alarm. What was the thing you wanted me to do before I wake up?
Sarah- (smiling. I can't believe how FUN married life can be!) Why are you setting your alarm Kyle? I didn't ask you to do anything?
Kyle- YES! I have to do the thing before I wake up.
Sarah- What thing?
Kyle-The thing you asked me to do. I have to do it before I wake up. Or else the thing.
Sarah- (OHEMGEE but still maintaining composure) I didn't ask you to do anything.
Kyle- (completely at a loss for WHY his wife does not understand)
I am making perfect sense!
Sarah- Perfect sense Kyle. Go to sleep.
Kyle- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (heads to bed)
Sarah- (waiting until door shuts) BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (heads to computer to put up status and write blog post)

In short, I adore my husband. Not only is he a wonderful man when he is awake but he is endlessly entertaining in his sleep. I really do love every minute with him

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Walking, counting to six, and other very useful tricks

I've been sick for the past week. Nothing serious, just one of the colds that makes you feel like you could probably crawl up and sleep for a week. And I probably would have too but little miss Juliette had the same cold so I was in super mom mode.

There is nothing worse than watching your baby suffer. Praise God my kids have only had light illnesses but I still hate it. She was all stuffed up and giving me the sad eyes. And her sad eyes are particularly powerful because they are huge and brown with her long eyelashes clumped together with tears. And then if you can tear your eyes away from her's you'll notice the runny nose and the quivering lip and you are about ready to sell your spleen to get the money to fund some scientists effort to cure the common cold.

But there were good times too. When we were all happily drugged up Juliette discovered that she could walk using her walker. And boy was she ever proud of herself! The first time she did it I was in the kitchen cooking and I saw Juliette laughing and cruising across the room. At first I thought nothing of it because she has been mobile (of the four legged, crawling variety) for a few months now. But I did a double take and noticed her expectant face and her upward position. She was So. Freaking. Proud. of herself and wanted to make sure that I had seen her big moment. So I ditched the stupid cooking and ran to her clapping and scooped her up.

Now she is hooked, can't get enough of the walking with the walker. I'd imagine within weeks she won't even need it anymore. She spends her time going back and forth across and around the living room, laughing and beaming. And when she finished walking she lets go of the walker and claps for herself. It's adorable. It makes me want to cover her cheeks with chocolate syrup and just nibble on them. But I will restrain myself.

And Madeleine keeps making advances in the prayer department. She now prays grace before she eats anything (calls me on! I usually forget!) and if you ask her who's Mary she will tell you, "Jesus mommy." She can also count to six which she demonstrates usually when she is about to get into trouble. A typical scene goes something like this;

Me- "Madeleine. Give that back to your sister."
Madeleine- "Nooooo mom!"
Me- "Madeleine, mommy is going to count to three."
Madeleine- "One, two, three, four, five, six"
Me- "Madeleine, I am proud of your counting but you need to give that to your sister before I count to three."

Then, depending on her mood, we happily do as I ask and get on with our lives or she is counting the two minutes she spends in time out. But for the most part, she always does as her mommy and daddy ask. She loves to please, that one.

There is never a dull moment around here.

This week was my birthday and I came to the realization that I am ridiculously happy. So I really don't need anything. But Starbucks cards are always welcome if you are asking ;) Just kidding... but seriously... but I'm totally joking.

I am also thankful for the time this week I got to talk to some dear friends. Life gets busy and I often forget how much holy friendships build me up and enrich my life. Especially friendships with holy women. Amy and Sara, if you are reading this talking to you this week was such a blessing. You are both visiting me very soon.

Juliette and I are both doing better today but please keep praying our little bug goes away and that Kyle and Madeleine do not catch it. If we all stay healthy there will be apple picking and petting zoo fun in our near future. And lots of adorable pictures to go with it!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

She spins and she sways to whatever song plays without a care in the world...

Apparently mommy and daddy were not dancing with her so her Doggie had to fill in. Adorableness ensued and was captured on camera. She's already learned to leave room for the Holy Spirit when she slow dances.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The gift of fertility

Every single cycle it's the same thing. The fear of another ectopic pregnancy, the fear of losing my fertility and never being able to have kids again hits me like a brick wall, a punch to the gut, and it knocks the wind out of me. I become paralyzed by fear and overwhelmed by my lack of control.

I can't even talk. All I can do is say, "Jesus." over and over and over again. He knows what I need.

Women, please cherish and respect you fertility. It is such a precious gift.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Typical Prayer Time with Madeleine

"Madeleine, do you want to pray?"

"Yes." *points to chest* "Father, Son" *folds hands* "Amen"

"Madeleine, what do you want to pray for?"

"Thank you Jesus.... ummm... baby, daddy, mom, grandmom, gra, launnick, hannah, carly, daddy, mom, hannah, lainey, grammy, barney, baby bop, bj bop, elmo, mom, daddy, baby, madeleine, nick, cars, grandmom, carly, daddy, baby, barney, cookies, Jesus, mass... ummm... daddy. Amen"

What about Jesus' mommy?

"Yes. Hail Mary. Amen."