Thursday, May 9, 2013

Moms are an intimidating audience

Today was Mother's Day at Madeleine's school which was absolutely fantastic. I've never had a Mother's Day before where my kid's actually realized it was a day (or 15 minutes) about ME! Let's just see how Sunday goes.

They performed a few songs and gave us some crafts that they had made. My darling daughter was absolutely terrified during the performance part but gosh darnit, if she didn't look adorable. Stage fright can apparently manifest in almost-four year olds. Who knew?

This weekend, my mom and I are going dutch treat on a dinner to celebrate us. I am very much looking forward to it.

Oh, and apparently I am STILL very allergic to incense. I tried to go to mass this morning and had to leave after less than a minute because I was coughing and dry heaving. Catholic fail. I'm hoping to talk to an allergist about it and ask my priest if they can invest in allergy free incense or at least have one incense free mass on holidays. This not getting time with Jesus thing is a real bummer.

My favorite is when people are like, "Just cover your mouth and nose with a hanky and you'll be fine." Yes, I've always found that the solution to not being able to breathe is to cover my mouth and nose. I mean, everyone is well meaning but that one cracks me up. Hey, apparently it does work for some people though. I, however, cannot sit in the back of the church, bring water, bring an inhaler, because they don't work. I went to a church that had used incense earlier that afternoon once and I was still feeling very, very ill.

But I don't want to complain. I absolutely love my parish and my priest is very kind and understanding. Not to mention, solidly Catholic, which is harder to find around these parts then one would think.

And finally, last night, Kyle and I had our first Creighton appointment since we were engaged and I learned SO MUCH! NFP IS AWESOME!

Okay... finally, finally... this is a quote from Juliette. I thought it was too cute not to share.

"Madeleine loves me because she is my big sister and I love her too!"


That's all for now! God bless!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Madeleine's favorite field trip

Hey so remember last week when I bought myself some wine to celebrate making it through my husband's three week business trip to Maine?

Well I brought the girls with me on that trip. Obviously. Can't leave such little ones home alone.

That was their first ever outing to a liquor/package store and apparently it was very exciting because now when we drive past Brady's Liquors, Madeleine begins to shout, "LOOK MOMMY! IT'S THE WINE STORE! IT'S OPEN! YOU SHOULD BUY SOME WINE!"

Now I am not a drinker at all. I might have a glass of wine or a cocktail twice a month. Maybe. So this is a bit embarrassing to me. She screams it with the excitement usually only held for the park or her school.

So, you know, this just means I can't invite new people for joy rides around town, lest they believe I am some sort of lush.

Parenting. It's never boring.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Juliette is in detox

 It's been a busy few days. Due to my husband's super weird schedule, we are heading into our weekend, so I am looking forward to some quality family time now that he is finally back from Maine.

We finally, finally got around to taking away Juliette's pacifier yesterday and we also began potty training over the weekend. She has been doing a lot better than I expected but sometimes she looks like a junky trying to get a fix. I, on the other hand, am glad to be rid of the stupid things. I love hearing her talk and those things get in the way! And as for the potty training... well... its going slowly but well. She is quite proud of herself and excited to get her Pinkie Pie when she is all done with baby diapers.

She is growing up so fast! She will be two and a half this month and Madeleine will be four in June. It seems crazy that they are that OLD!

Madeleine has baby fever as well. She has been asking Jesus and Mary to put a baby in my belly nearly every single day. No prompting. It's all her. I'm not sure how long Jesus and Mary can hold out when her prayers are so beautiful and pure. She is the sweetest girl in the world.

I really do adore them.

Madeleine also seems to believe that our priest wants to be updated on her outfit after mass every Sunday. She has us stop by and say goodbye to the statue of Our Lady on our way out and then we wait in line to talk to our priest. When it is our turn, she twirls in her dress, points our her shoes, and updates him on the new details of her life. I think she is going to be a Saint Therese style intercessor for vocations.

Juliette is still pretty much my goofy little girl. Aggressively affections and in such adoration of her big sister. She is also a budding fashionista. At he ripe age of two, she is quite particular in what she wears and what her shoes look like. She won't let mommy put just any dress on her. She prefers Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, or other Disney characters and if those are not available, it needs to at least be brightly colored and well accessorized.

These are some pictures from over the weekend. Enjoy! I love em! Nothing cuter than little girls in church clothes.

Oh you know, just tying mommy's shoes on the gate.

Chilling on the front stairs in the sunlight. I love this dress.

Tried getting a picture of both of them. Juliette did not oblige.

Madeleine is pointing to their ball rolling down the street. I dropped the phone and ran after it.

Girls just wanna have fun!

Such beauties!

Obviously Juliette did something absolutely ridiculous right before this was taken. They so remind me of myself and Lauren.

"Juliette, you are SO SILLY!"

Laughing together

I love this shot of Juliette

And this one of Madeleine- my little flower!

Blowing mommy a kiss!

Paparazzi shot

Sleepy girl... I would die for lashes like those.

In their house.

I take a lot of pictures. Guilty. They only stay this little for so long and I want to make as many memories as possible.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

While you were sleeping

Dude I wish with a title like that this entry was about some government conspiracy that unfolded while the masses were unaware. And I would be all like, "Blah, blah, blah, I am such a smarty pants. Blah, blah, blah, you are now enlightened." But nah, it's about what the kids did during my nap time. I love naps. Naps are the best. Government, smovernment- where's my pillow.

So Kyle took the kiddos to the beach park so I could have a little quiet. That's right people. There is such a thing as a beach park. It's a park at a beach and discovering it was one of the most exciting things about moving to Rhode Island. We can pack some snack, picnic on the sand, watch the waves, wet our feet, and then take the kids to play on the monkey bars.

I love living in Rhode Island. Kyle took lots of pictures (the first one is of me napping while Juliette plays with my iPhone, just so the pictures have a linear feel) and I hope you enjoy them. Just don't mind the kids hair. I do brush it occasionally.

Letter to a Princess Phone Toddler

Dear Princess Phone Toddler,

I see you over there, playing on the princess phone that your mom got you at Target, pretending to talk to Grandmom. What you don't see is that your mommy is trying to get your attention.

She is riding a tiny tricycle but you don't look up. You are off in a world of your own imagination, probably telling Grandmom how embarrassing of a daughter she birthed. Your mom looks so impressed with herself but you don't see her.

You father wants to play catch but you just sit there in your toy house pretending to serve up ice cream made of grass. You don't notice as his face falls when he throws the blue bouncy ball and no one runs after it except for the dog.

I know this is the only time I have ever seen you, but some deep dissatisfaction in my own life leads me to judge you.

I don't know about the times you climb on your parents laps and let them read to you for forty-five minutes straight even though you'd rather be climbing the bookshelf of dumping toys in the toilet. I don't know about that hour you spent building the same Lego tower over and over again because it makes daddy so happy. I'm not there so I don't know.

You spend a lot of time entertaining your parents. Being an adorable toddler, well, everyone wants a piece of you. It is a 24/7 job. All you want is 15 minutes to yourself to talk to Grandmom on the princess phone and not have people picking you up and pinching you and kissing your cheeks. This is why you bring your parents to the park, for the fresh air and socialization opportunities.

You are a good daughter. You sacrifice a lot for your parents. Your days completely center around them. However, I don't know about that so I am going to assume the worst. Stop ignoring your parents all day ever day. Judgement.

The stranger at the park who has been watching you for some reason for a good half hour and clearly either ignoring her own kids or just there to watch people which is kind of creepy if you think about it.