Friday, December 9, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Behrs

Today was the cutest day ever! We picked up Madeleine from her little vacation to Grandmom's house and although she cried saying goodbye to Grandmom at first and then promptly fell asleep, when we got home it became clear that my daughters are each other's favorite people. in the world. ever.

Juliette heard Madeleine waking up from her nap (we put her right in her crib from the minivan) so she pushed open the door and walked right into their room. Madeleine started squealing, "OH GOSH BABY!!! COME HERE BABY!!!" Juliette walked to the crib giggling and they began reaching through the bars and grabbing each other. I picked up Juliette and placed her in the crib with her sister where she fell on Madeleine's lap. Madeleine wrapped her arms around her sister and began patting her head going, "Ohhhh baby. Ohhhh baby." They stayed wrapped in each other's arms for a few minutes and then stood up and began hug/wrestling.

Finally they got bored of the crib and have followed each other around the house for the rest of the day sharing toys and playing together excitedly. Most recently they were spotted giving each other kisses on the lips.

The bond they share is so incredible. Madeleine and Juliette both seemed happy when they were apart but when they were back together it was just pure joy. I am so thankful that they have each other.


  1. The post I needed to read. Morning sickness (that lasts all day) stinks, but you're right. Providing Daniel with a little brother or sister is going to be wonderful. I love how he can play so independently for so long (in Daniel's world), and it's cute, but sometimes I feel badly for him that he's not wrestling, hugging, and kissing someone else (of course, I'm here, when I'm not in fetal position trying not to lose whatever I just ate, but it'd be so cute to watch him share that with even a cousin, especially since he's learning to give hugs now and he LOVES to give them!) Thank you, danke schoen, and muchas gracias!! I needed this!

  2. I'm so glad! Your kiddos are going to love each other so much, it will be the best thing ever for you as their momma. Love and prayers!