Saturday, March 17, 2012

And then there was the time I sold them to the leprechauns

Today is Saint Patrick's day and to celebrate I went shopping with probably the only other three sober people in the state of Massachusetts; Madeleine, Juliette, and my pregnant friend Ellen. We made it a good, oh, one store before the baby climbed out of the stroller and tried to shop lift. Many stores later (and great deals on clothes!) as I was pulling the kids out of the window display at Banana Republic, I thought to myself, "Self. Maybe you should join the drinkers."

And now the kids are in bed and I am enjoying some Bailey's and feeling pretty decent about life.

I have to admit that sometimes I teach the kids to do things just for my own amusement. Like playing fetch or rapping to Vanilla Ice. Kids are funny. They can do things that big people would look ridiculous doing. Madeleine often picks out her outfits and really nothing will match. It's a pink princess shirt, green leggings, a red hoodie with ears, and purple shoes. And she looks awesome!

Juliette is going through a bit of a nudey phase which we have to keep a lid on in public. Really though she is a typical one year old. Insane, impossible to control, cheeks for nibbling, and a penchant for sniffing out trouble.

We are trying to teach Madeleine that she is not, in fact, allowed to discipline her sister for us. My favorite is when Madeleine gets Juliette to do something she shouldn't be doing and when I catch them she turns and scolds her sister. She is a tricksy little one.

Mostly Madeleine just wants to hold hands, sing her songs, and force feed her things from her kitchen set. Madeleine is incredibly attentive to Juliette, sometimes to the dismay of the brown eyed one year old who only wants to chew on the book in their tent. Mostly though Juliette eats up the attention.

But the big news of the week is that I weened the baby. It's only been about 36 hours but it's going as well as can be expected. So ya know, I'm pretty pumped about it. A little sad but mostly excited.

But for now I am going to go watch Sister Wives and feel thankful that I get my husband all to myself.


  1. okay. your baby is all growned up now. time for another! lets get God to co-operate on that! ;)

  2. I think it's pretty punny that you said you're "pretty pumped" about weaning the baby. Hahaha, boob humor.

  3. Haha Ellen. I didn't even notice that. Boob humor is great! I'm looking forward to the day when we are shopping and I am pregnant with two kids and you are pushing around Sara Kate and we leave them all at Friendly's and hit the drinks at Ruby Tuesday. Pregnant and drinking, some may ask... I think by the third kid it's totally okay.

  4. I think Madeline is totally mature enough to watch them all while we get some midday libation. Hey, if business men can do it and it's ok, then Moms should be allowed ;) We work harder anyway.

  5. Yeah I am so with you! This is real women's liberation!