Friday, July 23, 2010

Things I never thought I'd do as a mom... volume one

1. Pick poop off the floor with my bare hands. Granted, when I grabbed the little piece I thought it was beef, but still I cannot believe I did that. With out gagging.

2. Ordering a backpack to replace my designer diaper bag. With another kid coming I am beginning to realize that for long day trips or vacations a simple diaper bag will not suffice. So I'm getting one of those big backpacks to store everything. And I'm excited about it.

3. Eagerly trade birth stories with... well... anyone who has given birth. I used to be totally squeemish about anything body related and now, not so much. I still care a great deal about modesty but there is something about swapping war stories with a fellow mom that I will never get tired of.

4. Eating a piece of food that my daughter is feeding me with her grubby disgusting hands because it's just so dang sweet that she is sharing like that.

5. Getting pumped to trade in my wonderful little car for a minivan that can hold the double stroller and the groceries!

6. Homeschool. Before I had Madeleine I would never have considered it. Now it is the plan.

7. Love so incredibly much.

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