Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Feeling like a person

The Behrs are in Houston, Texas right now visiting my in-laws. After two long plane flight during which my babies were absolutely brilliant and I met a woman who is just prime for becoming Catholic (new prayer intention!) we arrived and batted through humidity until we found food and coffee. Because we had been up since four.

As a belated Mother's Day treat Kyle dropped me off at my favorite place in the world to have my nails done (read: cheapest place ever) for a mani/pedi lovefest. And today I am getting my hair cut. Pictures will obviously follow. If it looks good. W get to spend four full days here and are driving (Lord have MERCY) to New Orleans on Friday for our good friend Garrett's ordination to the transitional diaconate. Praise Him. On the way out there we are going to stop to see a giant tiger in a little cage at a gas station to try to uplift his spirits. The amount of ids we leave that stop with will depend on how the are behaving. KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

While we are here we are planning on taking the girls to the Zoo, the Herman park train, our favorite adoration chapel from our first year of marriage, and Veritas which is an AMAZING Catholic store. And tonight there is a party during which I will introduce Juliette to Kyle's side of the family by holding her up Lion King style while everyone bows and sings.

Should be a great trip.

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  1. haha! i hope that bowing and singing thing works well for ya! have a great trip!