Friday, August 26, 2011

Why I love my girls

Things I love about each of my kids


I love...

...that when she goes to sleep at night she has to have her stuffed monkey with her and if it isn't in her crib when I put her in she cries, "Mooooonkey! Moooonkey!" until I find it and then she lies down in her bed, spooning the monkey, and closes her eyes without a word.

...her deep love of washing her hand and brushing her teeth and generally making sure she is always clean.

...her obsession with all things Glee and how she can recognize a Glee song from other songs when it plays on I-Tunes.

...the fact that she loves the taste of coffee, lattes, and mochas. And that she know the right moment to grab a sip of my drink when she knows I am not looking.

...that if she wakes up before 10:00 she is a cranky little beast.

...that she loves wearing dresses and shopping for shoes.

...that when we go out she brings her purse and puts Bitty Baby in the Bitty Baby car
seat and insists on bringing her too. I mean, it's only fair since I get to bring Juliette.

...that she always, without fail, puts her shoes on the wrong feet.

...that the only signs of jealousy she shows towards her sister are copying her actions. You know, crawling, babbling, wanting to be fed baby food with a spoon. She's picked up on how cute I think it is when her sister does these things and Madeleine is not one to pass up on a way to get attention.

...that when I tell her daddy will be home soon she waits at the window for his car and when she sees him, insists on being let out the front door to run to him. she loves to take care of her baby. She is the first to hear when Juliette wakes up from a nap, always makes sure she has a toy to play with, shushes her when she cries, informs me when she is making her poop noises, tells me to "boobie milk baby". when she goes to bed before her sister she always makes sure to wave "Good bye night night" so her sister knows she is going.

...our prayer time together when she repeats the sign of the cross and says, "Amen". she can't keep her eyes off the older boys at mass.

...that she would exist entirely off of yogurt if I let her.

...that she talks in her sleep, usually about food... last night it was fries.

...that she likes to copy whatever I do. Lately this involves letting me paint her nails, put her hair in a pony tail like mom, and pretend to put makeup on her. She loves me so much and I finally understand how imitation really is flattery.

...that she calls me "mom". It is not, nor has it ever been "momma" or "mommy". I am "mom".

...that when she got in trouble today she knew a sure fire way to get me to forget why I was scolding her was to plant a big kiss on my lips and say "I love". And she melted my heart. She has no idea how much I love her too.


I love... in the blink of an eye she can take every wipe out of the case and shove them ALL in her mouth at once. she can be happily playing but if she makes eye contact with me she will immediately start crawling towards me, crying and laughing at the same time, saying, "Momma! Momma!". much she love to nurse and how she is starting to get that if she pulls on my shirt she can communicate exactly what she needs. And that she knows mommy is always here to feed her. she makes dinosaur noises as she explores so that a simple activity such as crawling sounds like she is making war on the floor. whenever the door to the nursery is open she will crawl in with purpose, head straight to the mirror, where she will spend about 15 minutes making out with her own reflection. hilarious she thinks it is to put her fingers or toys in my mouth. It is a never ending source of entertainment for her

...her huge eyes and how the light up every time I walk into a room. if she is playing and I am standing and don't see her at my feet, that she will headbutt me until I look down. When we finally make eye contact she smiles and lifts her arms in the air to be held. much she loves her big sister. Madeleine had been down for a long nap and woke up groggy but Juliette screamed and squealed and laughed and pounced and grabbed at her until Madeleine was ready to play. Juliette loves playing with her sister and a three hour nap had been way too long to go without seeing her. when daddy gets home from work she immediately crawls over to him with a HUGE smile on her face and won't let him out of her sight, even to go to the bathroom. she likes to fall asleep at night lounging against me like I'm her personal lazy boy.

...the noises she makes when trying to fall asleep and trying to poo.

...that she inspires wonderful nicknames like "Pet", "Petasaurous Pet", and Dinosaur Baby. She is full of personality and so easy to love. she used to sleep through the night but now wakes up to be nursed at around three or four and then seven every day and how even though I want to be groggy most nights all I can do is kiss her little head over and over while she nurses and tell her I love her because I am just so thankful that she is mine.

The are my precious babies. I am finding more and more things to love about them every day.

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