Friday, September 30, 2011

Dedicated to Kyle

As we all know, women are awesome. There are many things to love about women. We are pretty, we smell nice, we cook, we bake, we make babies, we having decorating ideas that don't involve beer bottles and tickets from old baseball games. But there is something to be said for men too.

This list is dedicated to my fella. Kyle, these are the little things that make me love you.

1. You lift heavy things. Without you my air conditioning units would either never have been installed or would never have come out. And the couch would still be on the wrong wall where the movers put it. Thank you for being strong.

2. You hang things. I'm not super great at putting up pictures and hammering nails. I have no idea what a "stud" is and how to find it. To be honest, I'm not even sure if "stud" is the right word. But you do. You are the real "stud".

3. You tinker with electronics. I'm not sure why the computer screen is zoomed in and bouncing and giving me motion sickness. But you do. And you fix it. Every time.

4. You assemble things. I love saving money by shopping at IKEA and the only reason I can do that is because YOU are awesome. You may complain and mumble while you do it but it gets done! You are like my own Saint Joseph.

5. You clean the dishes. I love to cook but after I've slaved over a hot stove and filled my belly with sweet nom noms I could use a little break. So you bravely attack the pile of dishes in the sink and you get them done. And you are proud of how you load the dishwasher and the system you use and you love doing it as a thank you to me.

6. You change the cloth diapers. Since Madeleine was born you have gagged at the mere smell of her dirty diapers. When we switched to cloth I just figured I would be doing all the heavy lifting. I mean, I don't mind and it doesn't make me gag. But you are great with them and now you like them way better than disposable.

7. You rave over everything I make you to eat. No matter what I have cooked or baked it is "the best thing ever" and you always ask for more. I feel so proud and loved when you enjoy my cooking and I enjoy keeping you nourished for your long days at work.

8. You clean my minivan. I'm not sure how it gets so disgusting but it does! And you are always there with a big black trash bag to make it all go away. I get so excited every time my car is clean thanks to YOU!

9. You tolerate my music, my movies, and my shows. You may roll your eyes but you never complain that Wizards of Waverly Place and Vampire Diaries are super high up on the DVR priority list. That shows the confidence that only a real man possesses.

10. You turn to mush around our daughters. It's adorable. They RUN to daddy when you get home and you just fall over and accept the love tackle. And then you give Madeleine that cookie I've been telling her "no" to. You are an amazing father.

11. You love me unconditionally and you are incredible husband. You take your responsibility to lead us as a family closer to God very seriously. I know I can always count on you for everything. There are way too many things to love about you to put on a list, but I tried.

I love you!

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