Monday, December 19, 2011


I have to confess my bad wifey-ness to the world. Yesterday I accidentally found out what Kyle got me for Christmas... and it was NOT a dolphin named Patrick!


I am a stay at home momma and have never really desired a smart phone because my computer is basically in the playroom where I spend my days and I thought, "Why wouldn't I just check me email and facebook on that?!"

When the new Iphone came out I was intrigued by SIRI (my love!) and began to learn more. Organization apps? Homeschooling apps? NFP apps? Confession apps? FRUIT NINJA?!?! AMAZING CAMERA?!?! OH DO I DESIRE IT SO! It would be my smart MOMMY phone!

Still, I could not justify the cost of buying one to myself and so I looked at pictures of them on the apple website and thought.... one day... maybe....

Until that STUDLY husband of mine went all secret Christmas ninja on me and bought me one! OH JOY!

Yesterday I noticed some *ahem* charges to our Verizon bills and decided to investigate because I am not a fan of fraudlent charges. Then I saw it... a new phone... white and distinctly IPhone shaped!

I freaked out, then cried because I had ruined the surprise, then freaked out some more, then decided to call Kyle and tell him what I had done.

So we exchanged presents last night and it's a good thing because I would have spent all Christmas wrapped up in my own little 4g world. Now I can be totally focused on the kiddos like a good mommy.

The moral of the story is... I HAVE THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!

Thanks babe!

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  1. I have been coveting the iphone as well. Unfortunately, my upgrade doesn't happen until april of next year.

    SOON. VERY SOON! (just not soon enough)
    Oh. And I totally didn't know there was a fruit ninja app. Thanks. Now I have it downloaded to my phone for hours of fun (and I will definitely have to download it onto my kindle fire that I'm getting for Christmas!)