Friday, April 13, 2012

Prayer time with Madeleine

(written down as we went along)

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for mommy
and daddy
and Baby, my best friend.
Thank you for Grandmom
and Granddad
and Carly
and Hannah
and Lauren
and Nick.
Thank you for Grandmommy
and Lainey
and Sam
and Puppy-Lain
and Grandpa Rick.
And Baby, my best friend.
Thank you for Roslyn
and princesses
and airplanes
and helbacopters.
Thank you for six
and purple
and yellow
and green.
Thank you for Jesus on the cross
for Jesus Mommy Mary
and for Jesus daddy Jofes.
Thank you for cookies
and Barney
and snuggles
and slides.
And Baby, my best friend.

And thank you for Madeleine, her loving heart, her big smile, her awesome dance moves, her creativity... everything that makes her my wonderful and amazing little girl. And Baby, her best friend.


  1. There is nothing better in life than to watch the love of siblings grow. The other day I saw a beautiful glimps to that when my 21 year old daughter facebooked a beautiful note about how much she adores her siblings and how lucky the yet unborn twins are. They will be beyond loved, she said. How cool is that?!? You are creating that some love of siblings.

  2. I absolutely love this. Can't wait until we hear Daniel's prayers, especially after "baby" comes along. :)