Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm not selling my kids

Well mass was... not as prayerful as I would have hoped today. Between Madeleine yelling that she can't see Jesus and Juliette army crawling out of the pew and making a break for the altar the Behr's put on quite a show. Le sigh.

But then we got home from Church and Madeleine gathered the statues we have of Our Lady and Joseph holding the baby Jesus and proceeded to read to them, talk to them, show them her rosary, wrestle with them (that one I cut short), hug and kiss them, hold baby Jesus' hand and sing the "I Love You" song from Barney, and take them into the Princess Tent to hide. All the while she was making sure her little sister was included in the fun. Juliette beamed at her sister and gave the Holy Family big hugs and kisses of her own.

So all and all I think I'll keep them.

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