Thursday, January 12, 2012

Seven Quick Takes- Blessings and Tacos

1. Both kids fell asleep early which means I was able to do all the things I am usually unable to do... like shower and read and eat and sleep. Sure there may be a large pile of laundry sitting untouched on the couch but I. SMELL. GOOD! Heck yeah bath salts.

2. I've haven't had to buy bread since Christmas thanks to my new fancy shmancy bread maker that my parents got me. Since I don't eat much bread anyway Kyle has been the main beneficiary of this gift although I get the immense pleasure of smelling the dough bake all day. Yankee Candle should really find a way to bottle that.

3. We are traveling to Houston next week to visit my in-laws. Since we haven't seen them since May it should be fun to show off my beautiful little girls to the adoring masses. If I do say so myself their cuteness has grown exponentially since May.

4. What won't be cute next week will be me when I come face to face with my long-lost love, Authentic Tex-Mex. (insert dreamy sigh here) It is not all together unlikely that I will have salsa stains on everything I wear during my trip. I've come to terms with this and I accept it. I love Tex-Mex.

5. I will also be hitting up the Catholic Bookstore while I am there in search of some tools to teach my toddlers. This store is amazing. Kyle gets a little scared whenever I suggest we go there... but he just has to deal with the fact that I majored in Theology and Catechetics and an obsession with anything written by JPII or St. Theresa of Avila is just part of the package he signed onto at our wedding. Just like he also knew that I liked to perform dance routines to popular hits from the 90s. I'm a complex woman and I love Catechetical material. It could be worse, I could be obsessed with shoes... oh wait....

6. Also, without a doubt on our trip I will hear in explicit detail what kind of plane we are flying on, how Southwest came to acquire it's fleet, something about Boeing, something about Air Bus A380s, something... something... something... I already zoned out. Once again, I knew what I was getting into when I married a pilot and the barrage of information has helped me win at "Battle of the Sexes" more than once.

7. I adore my family. Sometimes after the girls go to bed my eyes are too tired to focus on anything but other nights I just look at pictures of them on my IPhone and am in absolute awe of how my life has turned out. When I was growing up I was afraid of flying and I would take my rosaries on the plane and just pray that we wouldn't crash because I wanted to be a wife and a mother. The last time I flew it struck me that I have done those things, I have received the deepest desires of my heart. Of course, I still pray the plane doesn't crash (although I'm not particularly afraid of flying, you'll get cured of that really quickly when your husband takes you up in a little Cessna and forgets to shut your door.) but I also marvel at how wonderful my life is and how blessed I truly am.

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  1. A bread baking candle would be fantastic.

    Also having a pilot for a husband has to help with some of the nerves of flying. Ya know the old "Is there a pilot on board?" thing will never be a problem for you guys. :)

    Hope you have fun in Texas!