Monday, July 9, 2012

Kyle and Sarah Part One- The Meeting

As our five year anniversary approaches this coming Saturday I have decided to write about my husband in the five days leading up to it. Some people may roll their eyes and wonder why. I've seen comments on facebook before about people being uncomfortable by public displays of affection in social media between a husband and a wife. They seem to think that this means they do not say "I love you" in private. Let me assure you, I tell my husband that I love him as often as I can and I try to show him even more than that.

I don't really have any special talents (unless you count having an uncanny ability to recall 90s pop lyrics at the drop of a hat). I cook as well as most, I'm terrible at sports, I can't sing, I can't play any instruments, I have no artistic talents whatsoever, and I am no good at crafts. The thing that I am the best at and that I am the most proud of is how I love my family. I have a holy, loving, and wonderful marriage. All the glory for that goes to God, not myself, who is the source of Love and Goodness... He is Love and Goodness.

This series of posts is for Kyle and it is for God. God gave me my husband and I hope that in this world our love for each other can be an witness of the love of Christ and His Church. My witness is how I can thank God for all of my blessings, most especially my husband on this special occasion.

Anyway, with that said this is Part One of that Story of Sarah and Kyle. This is how we met.


I met Kyle when I was a senior in high school. I had known that I wanted to attend Franciscan University basically since I was a freshman and the time for my college visit was finally upon us. I was beyond excited. My dad and I traveled to campus on September 10, 2002. Apparently since it was almost the one year anniversary of September 11th tickets weren't as expensive as normal. Originally I was supposed to stay with a random host but at the last minute a friend of mine had called and said that I should stay with someone he knew. Plans were changed and I unloaded my bags in a tiny room in Marian Hall not even thinking for a second that a year from now I would be living just down the hall.

My hostess took my around campus the next day after my tour was over, we went to two different masses and a prayer service for the victims of 9/11. I was so touched by the outpouring of prayer shown by each person in attendance and that most of the student body had showed up. After the prayer service we went back to the dorms and she introduced me to her friends. To be honest I don't entirely remember meeting Kyle. (Kyle, however, remembers that I was very blond and very pretty). I was bubbly and excited to be there and just wanted to be friends with absolutely everyone I met.  Plus, I had a boyfriend at the time.

As the weekend went on I fell in love with the school. I knew that this school was a place where I would be able to figure out who I was and who I wanted to become and grow in my relationship with God. The students were kind and generous, open and loving. They all encouraged me to attend next year and said they would look forward to seeing me. I could feel God pulling at my heart, really reaffirming that THIS was the place I was meant to be.

On my last day there I really wanted to do something nice for my hostess as she had been so generous to me. Her tall, dark haired friend named Kyle offered me a ride to Walmart. I specifically remember being impressed by his car, not many students drove Audi A4s and the dark green color was particularly pleasant.

When we got to Walmart I grabbed supplies to make chocolate covered strawberries and we hopped back in the car to head towards campus.  Of course, this was Kyle driving and with Kyle driving no trip out is that simple. He asked me if I wanted a tour of the town and I said, "yes" so we drove around the city of Steubenville and he showed me all of the major landmarks... not that there are many. It's Steubenville after all. It was fun driving around with him and despite his being shy I thought we got along nicely.

He dropped me off and I thanked him for the tour and that was the end of that.

Or so I thought...


  1. Lol. To be young. "wanna a lil tour of the town?"... Said the stranger I just met a couple days ago. I would have been sooooo freaked. Lol sorry... Now that I'm a mom.. I see danger in everything!... Can't hep it. Glad Kyle was not a serial killer

  2. haha I actually think there may have been another person with us. It was actually kind of sweet. He just likes showing people around... it's kind of his thing.