Thursday, March 8, 2012

Daddy-Daughter Date Day

They had been talking about it for weeks. Kyle and Madeleine were going on a daddy-daughter date. We'd had to put it off a few times because of illness but this week they were both healthy so I agreed that it should be put off no longer.

Kyle woke Madeleine up on Tuesday and asked her if she wanted to go on a plane. My usually very slow-to-wake toddler sprang out of bed and Kyle got her dressed up. They then took off for the airport, boarded a plane to Baltimore, and headed off on their adventure.

Madeleine would have been satisfied with just going on a plane, heck she probably would have been satisfied by watching planes with daddy at the airport, but when they landed in Baltimore Kyle had more surprised planned for her.

First, they had lunch in the airport terminal and then got on a train (A TRAIN!) to head over the aquarium to see the fishies! While they were on the train they even got to see a helicopter, which Madeleine hasn't stopped talking about since. At the aquarium they saw all sorts of fishies (Madeleine went up to the tanks of small fishes and went, "GUPPY GUPPY!!!" which I think all my Agape friends will appreciate.) and they also saw birds (which were her favorite, go figure), sharks, and a dolphin show! Madeleine came home telling me about how the dolphins were so funny and how they splashed all around in the water.

When they were leaving they made a stop over at the gift shop and Kyle let her pick out one present. She opted for a blue bird for herself and insisted on getting her little sister a pink dolphin, which Kyle obliged since it was so sweet that she even thought of her sister.

They took the train back to the airport and flew home to Boston. When they got back to the house Madeleine ran furiously in the door, her face full of excitement, and jumped on my lap to tell me all about her amazing day with the best daddy in the world. She gave her sister her present and we all settled on the couch to snuggle and spend time as a family... and eat chocolate ice cream.

Basically it was the most perfect date my two year old could have ever had with her daddy. I love them both so much!

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