Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Three years ago today

It seems almost impossible to remember life before Madeleine, let alone life being I was married to Kyle. My whole life before July 14th, 2007 was preparation for the greatest adventure of my life, becoming Mrs Kyle Behrend.

My house is filled with pictures from that day, the wedding video relives the sounds and sights, but what I remember most from that day was the feeling of peace that came over me as I pledged my life and love to my husband. People that think God has nothing to do with marriage have themselves fooled. Only God could have been capable of giving so much love and joy and then, multiplying it in these short years that have followed.

I got married at age twenty-one and thus began the never-ending barrage of comments about my life decisions. When I got married, when I had my first baby, now when I am having my second baby. What people don't understand, and probably won't understand until Kyle and I are celebrating our golden anniversary, is that we did not make the decision to marry lightly. We put in a lot of thought and prayer and ultimately entrusted our decision to the Lord. Since then, we have not looked back and we never will.

While we pray together every day we are far from saints and like all married couples we get in heated arguments and occasionally want to tear each others' hair out. The difference between us and many married couples is that we don't put ourselves first, or at least we strive not to. We recognize that the reason most marriages fall apart is that people are selfish and unwilling to compromise. Marriage doesn't work unless you put God first and your spouse second. When you are each looking out for the best of the other person and lifting conflicts up to God in prayer, the best thing for the couple will surely be the outcome. We care way too much about each other and our children to live any differently.

Marriage is not easy and that's why so many people give up and why it is so important to find a spouse who is as willing to work hard for the rest of their lives as you are. There won't always be mushy gushy feelings, there won't always be laughter, we have already experienced several tragedies in our short time as husband and wife. True love, love founded in Christ, ensures that through it all there will always be joy in the cross and a light to guide you through. And the beautiful thing about marriage is that while all people go through tragedies, I have an amazing partner with whom I can weather any storm.

Marriage is amazing. Kyle is my best friend, the only person who fully understands me and with whom I can be myself. I am blessed by the gift he is in my life and the love he showers upon me even in my cranky pregnant days. I am thankful for him giving me the gift of motherhood and for the wonderful father he is to Madeleine and will be to Juliette as well.

Thank you Lord for three beautiful years and hopefully many more to come.

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