Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nananana POPTART

Today we are having company over to watch the MLB All Star game. The first guest was scheduled to arrive around 5:00 pm, and so when Madeleine woke up from her nap at 4:30 I changed her and got her into a pretty outfit. Shorts, a white shirt with red flowers, and a stupid red sun hat that served no purpose other than my own amusement. She looks like a baby Canadian Mountie. Adorable.

I fixed myself a chocolate pop tart to tie my pregnant belly over until dinner when, of course, my one year old (still miraculously wearing the stupid red sun hat) came toddling over yelling, "NANANANANA!" Which, loosely translated means, "WOMAN GIVE ME FOOD NOW!!"

Being the good mother I am I began giving her little bite sized pieces of pop tart to her absolute delight. She stood there as I dropped the morsels of goodness into her gaping mouth. Mother of the Year award. When I decided she had enough sugar for the moment I sat the plate on the table next to me. She crawled to the other side to find it. As she crawled over, I moved it to my other side. Back and forth she went and back and forth went the plate.

The poor angel, in her stupid red sunhat, eventually gave up her fruitless pop tart mission and took off across the room to destroy her bookshelf.

I wish I had it all on camera.

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