Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jesus reads my blog

So I wrote a post last night about taking the struggles of day to day motherhood as an oppurtunity for holiness and I'm not saying that God reads my blog or anything but... well yes I am saying that. Because last night definitely got me some time off of purgatory. Madeleine was up til 1:00 am, and then again every so often, and then for good at 6:00. Juliette was so stuffed up that she was making terrible noises in her sleep and I was up watching to make sure she was breathing. This morning I was past my usual level of delirium and all four of us took off to the doctors together. Nothing except for a bad virus, as I thought, but a sleepless Sarah is a paranoid Sarah so it was worth checking out.

We did learn during my visit that I have asthma? How has no one figured this out before? Like when I was having intense breathing issues during pregnancy?

Which brings me to another point. You may love your perfume or cologne but be aware, it keeps some of us out there from being able to breathe. And we like breathing. So please, wear it but don't bathe in it. How about a nice shower instead?

Anyway, we are back at the house, I am caffinated up, and the girls are ready to play. I am looking forward to their bedtime so I can kick back to a CSI Miami. I like to dance around the living room during the theme song going, "NAAA NAAA NAAAAAAAAA! I have sunglasses! I can has evidence! You can has jail time! SUUUUUUNNNNNGLASSES!!!!!! NAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Oh Horatio!

Well as I type Madeleine is trying to take her pants off... again. And "redecorate" the living room... again. So I don't think typing is in the best interest, at least if I want a clean house and a clothed toddler.

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