Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh how they grow

Juliette has been getting ready to crawl for a while now. She'd go forward a little, stop, and look around for the applause. Then today, out of no where, she crawled across the room. She took off after a toy and there is no stopping her and no turning back. My baby is MOBILE. (dum dum dum... scary music!!!)

It brings me back to when Madeleine was this age, maybe a few weeks older. We were visiting Auntie Theresa in California and Madeleine decided that in the hotels of Los Angeles is where she would learn to crawl... and stand. I think she must have sensed that she was needing to become a big girl because that is where I learned I was pregnant with Juliette. Now my sweet two year old chases her little sister around the house. They play together like the best of friends. To be honest, I'm not sure if they really look much alike but I do think that anyone can tell they are sisters. Why? Because they absolutely glow when they are together.

I can't wait to see how their relationship grows. They play together, share their toys and laugh. I know that wherever their little feet take them, their sister will be right there with them.

We aren't ready for another baby right yet but I can't wait until I get to give them the gift of another lifelong friend and partner in crime. Juliette brought me back in time today. When I took that pregnancy test I knew how much I wanted and loved her already. I just couldn't imagine how mine and Kyle's yes to life and another pregnancy so soon after Madeleine would be so important to Madeleine. Her little sister brings her so much joy. It's really no wonder that with all the love she showers upon her that when Juliette decides to crawl, it's usually to her.

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