Monday, July 18, 2011

Recent photos of the girls

Madeleine's favorite way to wake up every day is by her sister being put in the crib with her. If the first thing she sees when she opens her eyes is her baby than she is one happy girl.

When Kyle and I were first dating we went to the drive ins to see the movie "Cars". The other week we took the minivan and both of our babies to see "Cars 2". It's amazing how much has changed.

For our anniversary we went to lunch in the North End of Boston at this amazing little Italian place.

We then traveled over to one of the famous Boston bakeries for a black and white cookie.

The day ended at Starbucks. Momma needs her coffee.

I'll put up photos from the wedding when they are published. Madeleine was the cutest flower girl ever so get pumped!

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