Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ode to Hannah's hair

This poem is dedicated to my sister, Hannah, who has awesome hair.

Ode to Hannah's Hair

There once was a girl named Taylor Swift
Who's pretty blond curls gave her career a lift
Those perfect blond curls made her the toast of the town
But there was even better, blonder hair to be found
Much to Taylor Swift's surprise
Another young girl's hair won the prize
She couldn't afford all the best beauty supplies
But her hair was still a feast for the eyes.
Wherever this young girl would go
A group of male suitors would follow her so
All trying to prove how much they care
To the girl with the glorious, beautiful hair.
"When I go to college" the girl would share
"All of the people there will compliment my hair"
For truly she saw her hair as a gift
Because wherever she'd go people'd say, "OMG it's T Swift!"
You may say, wrongly, that this girl is quite vain
Thinking that her hair will bring her all sorts of fame.
But clearly you don't know, or maybe haven't met
My beautiful sister Hannah Juliette
For as lovely as she is in a mirror
She's even more beautiful if you look even deeper.

I love you so much Hannah and I will miss you when you go to college. Remember to Skype often. Stay close to God because he makes you even more beautiful than you already are. And always remember that my hair is naturally blonder.

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    Lovely style!
    You are great at tutorials, SO EASY TO FOLLOW!!
    Thank you

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