Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Quick takes Friday- Volume One

Since this is my first "Seven Quick Takes" I figured I'd make the theme about me and things most people don't know about me.

1. I'm obsessed with shower products. I currently have 5 pairs of shampoo and conditioner, 3 body washes, 2 face scrubs, and a hydrating hair mask in my shower. And that doesn't include what Kyle and the girls use. I like to change it up and use different things and I pick what I use by which scent I feel in the mood for that day. It's weird, but I love shower products.

2. I've been in an ambulance twice. One time was after I hit a UPS truck with my car at the end of senior year of high school. The other time was at the end of my pregnancy with Juliette when I thought I was in labor at four in the morning and Kyle was at work and I was in way too much pain to drive. It turned out to be a gall bladder attack. Of course the one time I almost died, the ectopic pregnancy, I wouldn't let my husband call an ambulance and told him to drive me. Go figure.

3. I'm not a huge sugar person but I could probably live off of M&M minis. I'm not sure why I love them so much but I am absolutely obsessed. I'd usually rather have them over an other type of candy in the world.

I'm not particularly great at holding down a job. Here is my record.
Remax Winner's Circle- four months until I was fired. That's a blog post in itself.
Stop and Shop- six months until I got bored and quit after they kicked me off the registers because I talked too much and ruined check out times and then kicked me out of the bakery for eating the frosting and stuck me on bagging the groceries duty so I probably wouldn't have last much longer anyway
Dunkin Donuts- two months until I left for college but they had relegated me to the back room on dish duty so I wasn't long for that world anyway
Daycare center who's name I have forgotten- one summer and then I went back to college but I was actually good at the job! Hooray!
Quality Care Daycare Center- One summer and then I got an internship, then took summer classes, and then got married but I was good at this job too so they gave me a lot of reference letters
Jasmine's Coffee House at Franciscan- got hired and never actually started working. I'm pretty sure I left to go get my ID for tax purposes and just never came back
St Luke's Methodist Preschool- 4 months until I got mono and was forced out. I was super pissed.
Ann Taylor- Four months until we moved to Massachusetts. It was a terrible job for me anyway because I just spent all the money I earned.
Youth Minister at Saint Peter's parish- One and a half years. Longest job by far! Go me! I would have stayed longer but the parish went broke and had to cut my job. But that meant..

You kids are stuck with me. MWHAHAHAHAHA

4. My foot is crooked. My right foot turns slightly outward when I walk. I am convinced that this is why I cannot wear heels.

5. When I eat I cannot bite with my front teeth. It weirds me out. I chew everything on the side.

6. I had a mole removed on my right leg when I was about ten years old. They knocked me out and for it I got a big scar, a stuffed pink pig, and my mom took me out for the Italian food that I demanded in my delirious post op state. I may not remember much of the journey home but I do remember my mom joking that every time she went to the hospital she went home with a little pink pig too. Thanks a lot MOM.

7. I invented a drink that I am now going to go partake in. It's called "Mommy's Night In" and it's made up of equal parts orange juice and pineapple juice, a shot of tequila, a shot of vodka, and peach schnapps and blue curacao to taste.

And now, off for the drink!

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