Tuesday, August 30, 2011

There is never any quiet... even when they are sleeping

Kyle talks in his sleep. Usually it's about work. He's asking me if the San Francisco flight left on time or if the passengers got their bags. One time he yelled at me to make sure the paperwork was completed and wouldn't let me sleep until I told him it had. And we have extensive conversations. I talk to him about my night, the girls, our plans for the next day. He responds, asks intelligent questions. I ask him several times if he is awake. He responds that he is. The next day he has no recollection of what we discussed.

Tonight, for example, I walked into the room where he had gone to bed an hour before me. As I was plugging in my phone he sits up, checks me out, and goes, "Niiiice." I ask him if he is sleeping and he laughs and responds, "Niiice." So I leave the room cracking up.

But he's passed along this trait to his darling daughter. Madeleine also talks in her sleep and it's almost always about food. Sometimes she says my name or asks for her monkey but usually, it's food. And I have to tell her, "Yes Madeleine. Choco cream (Chocolate Ice Cream)" And the greatest thing about all this is I have heard her in the monitor, run in thinking she is awake, tripping over her toys because I am so sleep deprived, and she's just sleep talking.

So far the only thing out of Juliette at night are more dinosaur noises but the other two make for some very interesting nights and some great stories. I can't wait til Kyle reads this in the morning.

This picture was taken almost six months ago. Maybe they had a conversation during their sleep. Someday I'd like to put Madeleine in the bed with daddy and just listen.

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