Sunday, May 20, 2012


I'm going to be really mean here for a moment and put up a picture that will haunt Madeleine into adulthood...

As I mentioned last week, Madeleine is officially day time potty trained! Woot woot! Anyway, we have been accident free for almost 48 hours (not counting nap time) so I decided that while we were at church I would bring her potty seat just in case she needed to go and keep her in her big girl underwear.

I spent probably half of mass in back with her. I think she was nervous she would have an accident at first and then she just got excited to be able to go potty on the go.

And it was a real treat for the whole parish when we got back to the pew and Madeleine loudly proclaimed, "I WENT PEE PEE ON THE POTTY!" to her father. She then realized she was being loud and went, "Oh! Oh! Sorry mommy! I'll be quiet!"

I had bribed her with a bubble bath to be a good girl at mass and it worked. She was an angel and it rubbed off on her little sister. When we got home from mass they splashed for a half hour in the bubbles until they were sufficiently prune-like. That was after we finally managed to awaken the baby from her slumber. Apparently it is EXHAUSTING to behave for an entire mass. It took Madeleine climbing almost on her lap and saying, "Wake up my baby!" for her to start to stir.

Juliette has been trying to copy cat her sister in potty training. She often sits down briefly on the potty, stands back up, points into the potty saying, "Yay POO POO!", and claps for herself. Madeleine finds this highly amusing and watches her going, "Oh silly baby!" Yes Madeleine, you are so old and wise.

And of course, since it is Sunday we were dressed to the nines. We had several dance parties so they could twirl in their dresses. I love having girls! Madeleine provided some of the "music"... and by music I mean smashing pans together much to the joy of her little sister, who thinks everything Madeleine does is sheer genius.

Not too much else to report on the home front. We are heading to Connecticut tomorrow for Kyle's weekend so hopefully that will mean baby sitting and a date night out to the movies. It really isn't hard to bribe the family into hanging out with the kids.

That's it for now! God bless!

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