Friday, May 18, 2012

Seven Quick Takes- The week I discovered INSTAGRAM!

It's just another normal Friday at home with the girls. Despite a crazy week it has been an excellent morning. Here are some of the highlights. Don't forget to check out for more Seven Quick Takes. God Bless

1. Madeleine is basically completely potty trained except at nights. She only had one accident yesterday and is ROCKING the big girl underpants. This means we will be moving her over to her big girl bed next week. It is currently being stored at Grandmom and Granddad's house but since we are visiting them over Kyle's days off we will be able to bring it back up with us. Madeleine will also be celebrating with the Pillow Pet Grandmom promised her. She was told she could pick out any of the Pet's she wanted and she selected the yellow duck because yellow is her favorite color. Grandmom is ordering it now and will have it in for our trip. It's lovely to have only one in diapers.

The new bed! It just has to be transported to our house!

2. For Madeleine's first official trip out of the house in big girl underpants we went to Target (the one with the Starbucks inside) to return some items I just bought yesterday. (Darn my lack of impulse control!) We had no accidents and to celebrate... okay fine, because I am addicted, I decided to order a tall iced non fat no whip mocha. The breakfast of champions. The nice barista man handed me a Venti saying, "I hope you don't mind." Umm... not at all dude! I'm assuming that I either looked extra tired today or extra pretty in order to inspire such a generous gift. To boost my ego I am going to assume the latter, although I usually find it awkward to get hit on as a married woman, especially when I have my kids in tow. However, I am never one to turn down free coffee. My husband supports me in this.

3. As we drive along the girls like to comment on things we pass, where we are going, and now apparently, how I am driving! As we pulled away from the Target Madeleine started screaming, "WOW MOMMY IS DRIVING FAST!" Meanwhile Juliette was more interested in the lunch I had promised her upon our return home. She was chanting, "NOM NOM NOM NOM CHEESE! NOM NOM NOM NOM CHEESE!" That's my girl!

4. Madeleine has recently begun picking out all of her own outfits and accessorizing them. My little fashionista. She was so proud of this one that she insisted on catwalking and having me take her picture.

5. As I was uploading Madeleine's picture I heard cries of, "HELP ME!" coming from the nursery. I ran in to find a very... peeved... Juliette stuck inside a box and once again because I am mother of the year, I took pictures before helping her out.

6. In a related story, I finally got Instagram on my phone.

7. Finally, my mom passed on this video to me this morning. Parental Rights are being stripped away from us and it is terrifying. The court case in Massachusetts talked about in this video happened right near me. It is one of the many things that has inspired me to home school.

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