Sunday, October 16, 2011

La Regina della Cucina

I have been a very busy girl this week! Ever since I went to visit my domestic goddess of a sister, Lauren, I have been really stepping it up at home. Fancy deserts, decorating, rearranging, new meals added to my repertoire... I have really earned that "La Regina della Cucina" apron my sister picked me up in Assisi.

Two days ago I made these incredible mint brownies and chicken fried steak. Yesterday we existed off the leftovers and my dad visited to install the new shelves (40 dollars at IKEA) that we got to organize the toys in the playroom. So my home is really becoming a home now.

Today we went apple picking. Well, actually.... we attempted to go apple picking. We never really got past the petting zoo and the hay rides. Even though Madeleine had NO interest in petting the animals she was fascinated by them and insisted on making animal noises to them. She couldn't quite grasp the concept of "chicken". To her a chicken is something on her dinner plate that she dips in ketchup and then eats. Therefore, the chickens were called "DUCK" and subsequently quacked at.

The hay ride was lovely, we were the only family for our turn so Kyle took that opportunity to ask me for a roll in the hay, clever one that husband of mine. Found himself hilarious. Juliette crawled between us during the ride, confused and thrilled by the texture of the hay under her hands and how it stuck to her clothes. Madeleine sat by herself, she is very into doing things by herself and having sat on either of her laps would have been an insult to her independence.

We had to leave without apples in order to make it to mass on time but have vowed to go to an even closer place just to pick up some fresh apples from their farm stand. Nothing from the grocery store can compare.

And of course, because she is a perfect angel, mass was Madeleine's favorite part of the week without question and that makes this momma very happy.

What else have I been up to? Kyle has been sleep talking more so laughing at him has kept me very busy and I've recently become addicted to Pinterest. I spend a decent amount of time after the kids go to bed coming up with outfits I would wear if I actually had money and a reason to get out of my sweat pants, things I want to cook, ways I would organize a home school room, and recipes I want to make. It's a fantastic organization tool. I also baked Kyle's boss her favorite baked goods (those mint brownies) and had Kyle deliver them to her with the message that there would be more with any raises or promotions. So I expect he will be promoted to CEO in no time. I am THAT good of a baker.

My life is simple but very joyful. Play date tomorrow followed by daddy's days off. I vow to put up pictures of the girls at the farm. You've never seen anything cuter.

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