Monday, October 17, 2011

A Day at the Farm

Notice Madeleine is as far away from the chicken as she can get and Juliette looks like she wants to see if she can ride it. Those are my girls.

Madeleine took this opportunity to try out her animal noises. The horses were quite impressed.
We took a ride on the "Moo Choo". The teenage driver really drove like you'd expect a teenager driver to drive a "Moo Choo". Even Kyle and I were terrified/exhillerated.
Madeleine enjoyed sitting by herself on the "Moo Choo".
I took this picture of myself to document that I went on the ride as well. Some annoying mom kept asking if I was going because she wanted to take my seat. It's like, "Dude! The ride is two minutes long you and your kid can wait your turn! My baby wants me to go with her!"
HUGE brown eyes. They get me every time.
Madeleine's first hay ride!

With my beautiful little girls!Madeleine absolutely loved the cows!

Juliette was enjoying them too.
Being artistic I suppose?The best pet in the whole petting zoo belonged to me!

And because their costumes are just way too cute to handle I figured I'd throw this picture in for your viewing pleasure. They are absolutely edible!

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