Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Places Madeleine has redesigned with her crayons...

Madeleine loves drawing pictures. It can keep her occupied for quite a while. Sometimes I sit with her and other times I head to the kitchen to cook or do dishes. When that happens she runs into the room every minute or so to show me the improvements she has made on her picture and after I "oooohhhh" and "awwwwww" to her satisfaction she runs back into the playroom to color some more. Now, this sounds like a nice set up, right? Madeleine does something intellectually stimulating while I get much needed housework under my belt so I can be ready for more "hands on" activities.

I'm not sure why it has taken me so long to realize that leaving my darling daughter in a room alone with art supplies is a no good very bad idea... but I blame extreme lack of caffeine with a side of "haven't slept through the night in two and a half years".

These are places Madeleine has "visually improved".... yup... I'm going with that

1. The art paper. What a beautiful picture from my talented little artist. It is going on the fridge immediately.

2. The art table. Not too unusual. I'm not upset. Maybe she just missed the paper?

3. The chairs on the art table. Okay... I'm having a hard time believe this one was an accident.
4. The toy chest. Alright Madeleine... that is all the way across the room from the art table.

5. The puzzles. How do you clean wood?

6. The wall. ALL OVER THE WALL. In orange. And when I asked her about it she completely denied it. Flat out.


8. Bitty Baby. Specifically the left side of her head.

9. Bitty Baby's high chair. Sigh

10. Her thigh. I believe she did that in purple.

11. Her own face. I'm not even mad! That's impressive!

12. Her sister. Specifially her sister's back. I came into the room to find green crayon all over her sisters back. And, of course, both of them were laughing hysterically.

And, of course, if I forget to pick up even one crayon Juliette will find it and try to eat it.

I write this post after hosing down the wall and giving the toddler a time out. It's very hard to discipline when you are trying not to laugh.

Madeleine... did you color on the wall?
Madeleine? Who colored on the wall?
Mommy color. (as I carry her to time out) NOOO MOM!!!

It's probably not a good idea to try to pin your crimes on the accuser. Made me laugh though.

Anyway.... Moral of the Story... art time is now a FAMILY activity.

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  1. Madeleine is in time out again for coloring on the wall. No idea how she found the crayon. Daddy caught her red handed, in the act, and she still denied it. Also, add the humidifier to the list. That is decorated in orange.