Monday, October 10, 2011

Sleep talking Kyle- BACK WITH A VENGEANCE

So as you know from previous posts, my husband likes to talk in his sleep. Luvs it. And it's pretty much my favorite too.

This tends to happen when he is really sleep deprived. It used to only occur when I would go into bed at night to force spoon him and catch some Zzzzs before the Milk Monster wakes me up to nurse. He would wake up, babble some nonsense, I would LOL, put up a facebook status about it, and then tease him in the morning.

WELL for the last two nights it's been a horse of a different color. If I had to describe the color of the horse it would be "crazy-messed-up-tie-died" because no single color can adequately symbolize the hilarity of "Sleep talking AND walking AND doing stuff Kyle"... or as I fondly call him, my new favorite Kyle.

Last night, 11:20. Kyle has been in bed for a few hours and I am winding down with my two good friends Detective Mac Taylor and Very Berry Martini. Kyle stumbles out of the bed room and leans against the kitchen counter. Serious looks.

I just remembered I have twenty minutes to do the thing.
(starting to smile but still trying to look serious. This may be good) What thing Kyle?
I have to attach the thing to the thing on the bed.
(Smiling broadly) What thing on the bed?
(frustrated Kyle faces) You know, the chain! The chain or else it will fall off. I have 20 minutes!
(fighting laughter. if I laugh he will stop talking and I want to see where this goes) I have no idea what you are talking about.
You know!!! (getting frustrated. angry serious face) The chain on the bed. I have to do it. 20 MINUTES!
(loses all decorum) BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Sarah- (snorting, not even fighting it)
HAHAHA You go do that Kyle HAHAHAHA!
A few minutes pass by and I hear shuffling in the bedroom. This can not be good.
Kyle! Go back to sleep! You are not awake!
Fine but it won't get done.
That's fine, just go to sleep. (more laughing. posting on facebook followed by even more laughing. I can't wait to talk to him tomorrow)

So I had in my head that this was the greatest birthday present he could have given me. I've been sick all week, confined to the house, wiping snot off of Juliette's face and keeping Madeleine from shoving pieces of paper into the PS3. This is God's gift to Sarah.

Then, tonight... I got an encore.

Same scene. I'm on the couch, it's 12:30 and I am once again visiting with Detective Mac Taylor and a glass of water with lemon. Out comes Kyle, serious face and all.

Kyle- I have to set the alarm. What was the thing you wanted me to do before I wake up?
Sarah- (smiling. I can't believe how FUN married life can be!) Why are you setting your alarm Kyle? I didn't ask you to do anything?
Kyle- YES! I have to do the thing before I wake up.
Sarah- What thing?
Kyle-The thing you asked me to do. I have to do it before I wake up. Or else the thing.
Sarah- (OHEMGEE but still maintaining composure) I didn't ask you to do anything.
Kyle- (completely at a loss for WHY his wife does not understand)
I am making perfect sense!
Sarah- Perfect sense Kyle. Go to sleep.
Kyle- grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (heads to bed)
Sarah- (waiting until door shuts) BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (heads to computer to put up status and write blog post)

In short, I adore my husband. Not only is he a wonderful man when he is awake but he is endlessly entertaining in his sleep. I really do love every minute with him

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