Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The day I learned I am terrible at making bubbles and other museum adventures

Today, Tuesday, is Kyle's Saturday so to celebrate him surviving two 16 hours shifts in a row, my weaning the baby, and general awesomeness.

We have a family membership that gets us in to over 300 children's museums nationwide (watch out world) so we took off this morning (okay this afternoon. I may have slept in til 11 to compensate for those hours I spent awake not nursing the baby) for the Boston Children's Museum. Easily the most famous and yuppie of them all. Or so I am told.

With the exception of having the besneezes scared out of me by two random snakes hiding in two random rooms (really guys? Can't you fence them off like at the zoo so those of us with phobias don't freak and almost leave out children behind trying to escape. A little warning would be awesome.) it was amazing. There was so much to do, so much to explore, so much to touch and try to destroy. The kids had a blast, we had a blast, and the kids are exhausted. I count any trip that leaves the kids tired as a success.

So here are the pictures.

If only I could get her to do this in real life

I tried to get a nice picture with my daughter but she was NOT having it.

Captain Madeleine and First Officer Pet. Or the worst flight of your life EVER.

She wasn't climbing it. She was crawling backwards. Talent.

Something about gravity. I still don't pay attention to science.

Waiting for the bus.

The only thing better than shopping is apparently asking other people for their moneys. And let me tell you, she was not selling quality produce. It tasted like plastic. (Oh lolz. I crack myself up)

This was Juliette's favorite part. Because we clearly do not have a train set at home.

Kyle kept trying to "teach the babies" but I think he really just wanted to play. He was not sharing either.

You were supposed to spell your name here. Madeleine first put up a "M" followed by an "A" and I was filling out the Harvard applications. She then followed it up with a whole bunch of nonsense and I tucked them back away.

In the hard hat on the truck. I'm pretty sure Kyle was jealous.

She actually got that the balls were supposed to roll down the hill. Not get slobbered on by the one-year-old which was her first idea

Sitting like a lady.... if that lady was Lady Mary Crawley. OH BURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Driving the house.

Driving the car. Much easier to steer.

I'm not sure if I was taking a picture of him or if he was photo bombing a picture of Madeleine.

Working together. So nice.

Explaining H20 to her sister. Amazing teacher. Juliette says, "Oh captain my captain!"

And the little boy had a good day too!

God bless everyone!

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