Sunday, October 9, 2011

Walking, counting to six, and other very useful tricks

I've been sick for the past week. Nothing serious, just one of the colds that makes you feel like you could probably crawl up and sleep for a week. And I probably would have too but little miss Juliette had the same cold so I was in super mom mode.

There is nothing worse than watching your baby suffer. Praise God my kids have only had light illnesses but I still hate it. She was all stuffed up and giving me the sad eyes. And her sad eyes are particularly powerful because they are huge and brown with her long eyelashes clumped together with tears. And then if you can tear your eyes away from her's you'll notice the runny nose and the quivering lip and you are about ready to sell your spleen to get the money to fund some scientists effort to cure the common cold.

But there were good times too. When we were all happily drugged up Juliette discovered that she could walk using her walker. And boy was she ever proud of herself! The first time she did it I was in the kitchen cooking and I saw Juliette laughing and cruising across the room. At first I thought nothing of it because she has been mobile (of the four legged, crawling variety) for a few months now. But I did a double take and noticed her expectant face and her upward position. She was So. Freaking. Proud. of herself and wanted to make sure that I had seen her big moment. So I ditched the stupid cooking and ran to her clapping and scooped her up.

Now she is hooked, can't get enough of the walking with the walker. I'd imagine within weeks she won't even need it anymore. She spends her time going back and forth across and around the living room, laughing and beaming. And when she finished walking she lets go of the walker and claps for herself. It's adorable. It makes me want to cover her cheeks with chocolate syrup and just nibble on them. But I will restrain myself.

And Madeleine keeps making advances in the prayer department. She now prays grace before she eats anything (calls me on! I usually forget!) and if you ask her who's Mary she will tell you, "Jesus mommy." She can also count to six which she demonstrates usually when she is about to get into trouble. A typical scene goes something like this;

Me- "Madeleine. Give that back to your sister."
Madeleine- "Nooooo mom!"
Me- "Madeleine, mommy is going to count to three."
Madeleine- "One, two, three, four, five, six"
Me- "Madeleine, I am proud of your counting but you need to give that to your sister before I count to three."

Then, depending on her mood, we happily do as I ask and get on with our lives or she is counting the two minutes she spends in time out. But for the most part, she always does as her mommy and daddy ask. She loves to please, that one.

There is never a dull moment around here.

This week was my birthday and I came to the realization that I am ridiculously happy. So I really don't need anything. But Starbucks cards are always welcome if you are asking ;) Just kidding... but seriously... but I'm totally joking.

I am also thankful for the time this week I got to talk to some dear friends. Life gets busy and I often forget how much holy friendships build me up and enrich my life. Especially friendships with holy women. Amy and Sara, if you are reading this talking to you this week was such a blessing. You are both visiting me very soon.

Juliette and I are both doing better today but please keep praying our little bug goes away and that Kyle and Madeleine do not catch it. If we all stay healthy there will be apple picking and petting zoo fun in our near future. And lots of adorable pictures to go with it!

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