Thursday, December 8, 2011

She's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm alive!!!!

Today is the first day I am finally feeling a bit better, praise God! Madeleine has spent the past two nights and tonight as well at my parent's house so I could recover and only have one kiddo to worry about. It's been nice but I miss that stinky little toddler like crazy and am excited to get her back tomorrow!

Momma and Juliette have been having some fantastic bonding time. Lots of fluids, peekaboo, and snuggling in front of Elmo. She's been an absolute angel.

And Kyle has been an angel as well. He has taken such good care of us while we were all sick and has gotten rather little time to relax himself. He does it all without complaint and is always trying to figure out what else he can do for us. At the same time he is planning some sort of Christmas surprise for me. He asked me a budget and I told him BAGILLION MONEYS!!! He says that isn't a real number and that he will figure it out for himself. It's tempting to snoop since I hate surprises but I have to admit that it's pretty fun having no idea what he is planning for me.

The house is a mess of half done projects. The dishwasher is half loaded or half emptied, the clothes are in the dryer but not folded, the playroom is half cleaned up. I'd start feeling better, get to cleaning, and then get sick again. This is the point at which I'd fall back on the couch and swear I wouldn't try to clean again.

Hopefully now that this is all almost over I can get back into the Christmas spirit with full force! I have cards to send out and presents to wrap and a toddler to catechize so I am busy, busy, busy. Especially with that last part.

But now I'm feeling rather lazy again so I'm off to watch TV and then get some sleep. I can't overdo it. I have the world's sweetest two year old to collect tomorrow and I plan on having the strength to give her the world's biggest hug!

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