Friday, December 2, 2011

Where my mind travels to...

What is the purpose of mentally stimulating mobiles for above the baby's bed? Isn't getting them stimulated the opposite of what you want when your baby is in bed?

How do the valet parking guys get back after they drop off the car? I mean, sometimes the lots are super far away and no one is picking up a car yet because it is the start of an event. So how do they get back?

What is the purpose of sheer curtains? Isn't the purpose of a curtain to keep the light out? You can't find a window treatment that looks pretty and does it's job?

Do baby bikinis totally sketch anyone else out?

Have you ever noticed how girls talk behind someone's back about how that person talks behind peoples' backs?

How do the Extreme Coupon people get SO MANY coupons? They must be spending the money they are saving in buying up newspapers.

Where are all my socks?

How do two children manage to do so much damage to my home in such a short amount of time?

Why does coffee out taste so much better than coffee at home?

How dare they delay the delivery of my "Mrs. Spencer Reid" mug by even ONE day?

Was I always this strange?

Oh brain... I'm so sorry for what child rearing has done to you...

1 comment:

  1. I, too, ask these questions!

    My thoughts:

    Same recipe: why does it taste better when my mom makes it? (kind of like the coffee question)

    If the moon is a reflection of the sun's UV rays, and the moon is closer to us than the sun, can you get a moon-burn?