Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes- The one where I make some nerdy Star Wars references

7. It was eighty degrees yesterday so we ventured to the park again. Last summer Juliette was still too little to do a lot of exploring on her own. This is no longer the case. She kept running away from me, chasing a little boy, climbing the slides, and bouncing on the seesaw. Let's just say that I definitely got a work out.
Running away. Saw a lot of her cute little rear that day.

Confined to one place. A peaceful two minutes!

6. The weening process is going so smoothly this week. It's been almost a week since she nursed and she can now cuddle me without pawing at my chest... if only she could teach her father that trick. When she does come up to me looking to nurse I just say, "These are not the boobs you are looking for." and she walks away. I may be a jedi. I was sad for a few days but now I am just so happy with the decision we made to do this. Not only am I feeling healthier but she is sleeping through the night for the first time in her 16 month old existence and taking naps. It's a beautiful thing folks.

5. It deeply disturbs me to realize that I have favorite episodes of Barney now. It disturbs me on a whole new level when I am upset if the girls to pick an episode that I like. Really though as long as the episode they pick doesn't have "Riff" in it then I am game. I have very dark feelings towards that particular dinosaur
Exhausted and snuggling to a Barney episode after the park. Such sweet sisters!

4. Remember the days when I was concerned that Madeleine never talked. Welllll now she never really stops. Ever. The kids says the strangest things too. We call them "Madeleisms". Here are a few.

"I went poop in the corner on the floor and daddy had to wipe it up and he was very cranky"
...She tells this story about the time she got "sick" in the corner of the house to anyone who will listen. It's pretty much her favorite.

"Look mommy! Baby is a horse and I am riding her."
...She exclaimed this as she chased her crying sister around the house trying to climb onto her back.

"It's Madeleine and her friends!"- Momma Behr (singing along to the tune of the Thomas theme)
"Mom. I am not Thomas. And I am NOT Percy."- Madeleine
...I stand corrected

"Do you want to listen to Raffi?"- Momma Behr (we like to listen to music while we play)
"No mom. I want Taylor Swift 'Sparks Fly'". - Madeleine
...She knows at least half the lyrics.

3. The potty training is going... slowly. I think the kid only goes on the potty when she has a chocolate craving because she knows she will get a chocolate cookies. Whatever. I'm not in a huge rush.
Now Madeleine this is something you CAN actually ride.

2. Cutest thing ever. Juliette makes a lot of trouble, totally that kind of one year old. Except now whenever she knocks something over she looks up at me, absolutely beaming, and says, "Uh oh!" in the tiniest, cutest voice ever. It's like she knows that if she reaches a certain degree of cuteness that I just melt. The force is strong in that one.
"Uh oh!" She helped daddy do the dishes.

1. Madeleine was given a crucifix necklace as a gift from her auntie that she loves to show to absolutely anyone who will listen. She says, "Look! It's Jesus on the cross!" and then she gives him a kiss. Her devotion to the crucified Christ is absolutely adorable (and very Lent appropriate). She found a big wall crucifix that she insisted on taking with her as we ran errands so she could "hug and kiss Jesus on the cross". I could hear her in the car seat as I drove going, "I love you Jesus! BIG HUG! BIG KISS!" What do you think? Future nun?

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  1. Nerdy Star Wars references? Nay, I say awesome Star Wars reference.

    And yes, definitely a future nun in the making. :)