Monday, April 9, 2012

A Very Behr-y Easter

Well Easter was a beautiful and blessed blast this year. (WOAH alliteration for the win) Kyle celebrated his tenth Easter as a Catholic in style at the vigil mass at the home parish and we only minimally disturbed all the people around us.

My family came up from Connecticut on Sunday and I was on my second Starbucks of the day so naturally the whole house was clean and the dinner was well underway. They came bearing gifts of chocolate and cheese dip so they were most welcome in our home. My mom hadn't been up in a while so I got to show her all the great new organizational tools I had acquired and watch her face as she took in the sparkling kitchen and living room. "See mom! All those years you thought I was unable to pick up after myself... it turns out I actually CAN clean!"

The girls made themselves busy tearing into their Easter presents. They got a doctor's kit, an ABC game, a tea set, and a new train and helicopter for their train set. Plus some Cadbury eggs that I stealthily made away with when they weren't looking...

... but where were we? As we finished up dinner Madeleine made sure each member of my family had about 500 doctor check ups. These checkups involve making sure you are "tall and big", checking your blood pressure, a thorough examination of your ears and mouth, a shot, some medicine, your temperature being taken, and possibly a band aid.

The rest of the day we just relaxed, played with the kids, watched Tangled, and rubbed our aching bellies.

No big plans for the week, just another few hundred doctor's appointments on the schedule and celebrating Carly's 17th birthday with pizza that is an hour and a half away but so. worth. it.

I hope you all had a blessed and holy Easter!

Now for some pictures...

                                            Me before the vigil. I actually like this picture.

                                            Then I tried to take pictures with the baby.

                                                          It did not go so well...


I'm an awesome mom

The girls playing sweetly at the train set. Kyle creeping in the corner. Photo bomb.
Juliette having a tantrum

Madeleine taking this opportunity to examine the baby

Juliette is not a fan

She is her own doctor thankyouverymuch
Hugs to make it all better

Now we are happy again

Thanks to Dr. Madeleine

Master of Tea Parties

And Pilot of Helbacopters

Snuggling as they watch Tangled. Such sweet sisters!

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