Thursday, June 28, 2012

Three weeks in bullet points- Sarah tries succinct

Welllllllllll it's been awhile.

I was in the TARDIS, time traveling with The Doctor.

Just kidding.

First there was the whole "vacation" thing. Then there was the whole "recovering from vacation" thing. Then there was the "throwing out my back and being unable to sit at a computer to type" thing.

I had originally planned on writing about all of it, but instead since I have a limited period of time before my lower back bursts into flames I have decided that bullet points are the way to go.

1. Life Teen Reunion- It was awesome. I was able to spend the weekend with some of my best friends AND go to mass AND have a jello shot at a dive bar. The latter was not a Life Teen sanctioned event. Holy mom who still manages to be cool. NAILED IT.

2. Next we flew to New Orleans to visit one of our good friends, Father Garrett. The "Father" prefix is rather new as he was ordained on June 2nd and therefore we decided that the Behrs would invade his home and "help" him celebrate. We dragged him to multiple parks and to a children's museum. He celebrated a private mass for our family. Twice. CAN I JUST TELL YOU HOW AMAZING IT IS TO SEE YOUR FRIEND CELEBRATE MASS! I made these here babies but YOU JUST MADE JESUS. Points go to Father Garrett for winning at Church.

3. THEN we drove to Clear Lake outside of Houston. Ya know, with the girls in a car for six hours. Can I just tell you how fun that was? Well, actually they were pretty awesome and the credit is entirely due to Madeleine's new Leappad which played episode after episode of Dora the Explorer for them to zone out to. FIRST we cross through the alligator swaps of Louisianna, then we crossed the bridge into Texas, and then we made it to CLEAR LAKE. Along the way Swiper swiped Madeleine's princess potty seat so consequently I spent the next couple potty breaks helping her hover over toilets. (No wonder I threw my back out.)

4. We were in Clear Lake for my grandfather-in-law's 90th birthday style and lemmetellyou. There ain't no party like a Behr party because a Behr party has PUZZLES. After the most awesome trivia game ever (I won the 500 dollar question by being the only Catholic on my team. Putting that theology degree to good, profitable use.) the family gathered around to drink wine, tell stories, and get unneccessarily competitive over a 500 piece puzzle. It was good times. Gotta love hanging out with family.

5. After Clear Lake we headed to Houston for my sister-in-law's bridal shower and to eat a lot of food. I weighed a good two pounds more after this trip than I did before it. Worth it. Also, my sister-in-law did such a spectacular job remodeling her house that my game plan for remodeling my own future house has changed from "Pinterest" to "copy what Lainey did".

6. Mixed parts happy and exhausted, we traveled back to Massachusetts. After Kyle managed to accidentally knock over my open (okay, it was overweight and I had to take stuff out) suitcase in the middle of the Air Tran check-in line, we made all three of our flights and even got first class on two of them. While Kyle took advantage of the leg room and Madeleine took advantage of the cookies, Mommy snagged herself some free vodka and congratulated herself on surviving an elaborate (albiet awesome) trip with two kids.

7. AND now the kids don't get to bed before 11 anymore. Such is my life.

8. Also I threw out my back and managed to wait six days before seeing anyone. Apparently I have some sort of swollen disk and according to the chiropractor, it's bad. I know this not because he told me but because after examining me I swear I saw little dollar signs pop up in his eyes. Before sending me away with an appointment for tomorrow morning he scolded me for not coming in sooner. I suppose not being able to stand up straight, crying out in pain when I had to move, and having numb toes should have been my first sign that it was more urgent then I wanted to believe.

9. And lastly, and most importantly, Madeleine turned THREE! THREE! MY BABY IS THREE YEARS OLD. That, however deserves it's own post and I vow to wax poetically about my love for her soon. I mean, I'm writing this blog so she can read it someday so I feel like it would be bad to miss this. Plus, I can't get enough of proclaiming my love for that little beauty.

All in all I am very blessed. There will be many pictures up soon as well because I just can't help myself. Please pray for my recovery. God bless.

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