Monday, July 9, 2012

A Rather Boring Update About Current Events at the Behr Cave Before I Post Part Two Tomorrow

This week has been a little better for me. I was able to get to physical therapy and learn some exercises to get my back healing. I'm still not able to do too much, but of course I over exert myself and pay for it later. Such is the life of a mother.

I tried to make it to mass yesterday for the first time in three weeks today and majorly failed. I was in so much pain only ten minutes in that I had to leave. Of course it's probably because earlier in the day I had convinced myself that it was a good idea to run errands with the girls and yesterday I had gotten sick of the clutter and cleaned. However, even if I hadn't done those things I have a feeling the hard wooden pews would have gotten me. Still, it was nice to even get those precious ten minutes in the presence of Our Lord. I have a feeling that He will really get to healing me this week. I am very peaceful at the idea of being able to attend mass with Kyle next weekend for our five year anniversary.

This week we are finding out when Kyle will officially go from being an employee of Air Tran Airways to one of Southwest Airlines. I am trying to bribe Kyle's boss for a promotion by baking her my special "chocolate and mint three layer brownies". Mostly though we have teased each other back and forth through Kyle about our sports allegeinces. I thoroughly appreciate that Kyle has a female boss, especially one who is also a Republican.

The girls have been restless being cooped up inside for so long. I try to get them out for a little each day but there is only so much I can handle and since Kyle has been working long hours and extra days he isn't able to help too much (although he wants to because he is an awesome husband and father). Today I took them out and we sat at the little local airport and watched the planes and helicopters take off and land. The girls were fascinated by that. I also tried to take them to the library but Madeleine threw a tantrum two minutes in and we had to leave.

My sister Lauren is coming in for a visit tomorrow and Kyle is going to watch the little ones so we can get some sister time. She told Madeleine that she was bringing her birthday present with her which Madeleine someone decided was a puppy. I had to talk her down off of that one. If it were up to me we would never get any pets ever.

Anyway, that the little update about our life. I'm still going to be posting the five part series about how Kyle and I met through when we got married. I can't wait for my kids to read it someday and realize that their parents really love each other a lot. Sorry this post is so boring, I've been taking it slow but it should perk up soon!

Keep praying for my back and keep reading the series about my husband!!

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