Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick, while she's distracted!

These past few days have been insanely busy. We'll start off with the three day trip to my parent's house, the midnight hospital visit as a result of the massive pain I am constantly in being pregnant, and two full days of recoup and cleaning. Not to mention Madeleine's Teething Adventures at Bedtime. I'd be absolutely exhausted if the constant agony in my back and legs wasn't forcing me to stay on the couch at almost all times. Of course, with that said, I am abundantly blessed to be expecting again so creating another baby is worth all the discomfort and stress.

The thing is, being on the couch isn't all that restful. Why? Because I have a one year old hell bent on self destruction, that's why. As I write she is pushing a table across the living room towards the gate. Probably to try to use for climbing. Joy of joys she discovered how to climb this week so I am constantly on full alert, pulling her off of the couch, the chair, the foot rest, the book shelf. The other reason she could be pushing the table is because even though she can walk unassisted she still insists on using a walker at all times and avoiding crawling whenever possible. Plus, as an added bonus, her table plays music so she can push a button and just dance while she pulls every book off the book shelf. I will never be able to complain that I have no entertainment around here. Every second Madeleine is awake is amusing.

And speaking of Madeleine being awake, it is 10:30 and guess who is showing no signs of being ready for a nap? It's MADELEINE!!! My little buddy loves staying up and just hanging with mom. We tried to wake her up early today but she just passed out on the floor so it didn't work too well. Last night she went to bed at 11:00 which was a triumph for me and left my husband completely frazzled. He usually goes to bed by 7:00 for work and so does not have the privilege of wrestling her under her sheets at night. When she does fall asleep though she is the sweetest thing in the world to watch. He eyes start to close slowly, she grips her blanket with both tiny fists, and starts sucking on her pacifier loudly. Sometimes she even snores.

With all the difficulties that come from being a parent of a one year old and 22 weeks pregnant, I really can't complain. Well, I have and I do, but I really shouldn't. Even on the most hectic days when I am in the most pain I am extremely happy. Everything I ever wanted from the time I could dream about my future has come true. I dreamed of marrying a handsome prince (I even named him Kyle in the stories I wrote) and having beautiful children. Kyle is my best friend in the entire world, Madeleine is the light of my life, and Juliette is going to bring even more love into our lives than I could ever dream of.

This past Sunday the readings at mass really spoke to me. The first one was about Sarah being blessed with a child, the second was about redemptive suffering, and the Gospel was about choosing the better part and living a life of prayer. This is what I got from it. I'm blessed to be pregnant again so I should offer up my sufferings and use this time as a time to just be in the presence of the Lord. It sounds like a good plan to me.

Well, Madeleine has ditched her table and is standing next to me smiling. My cue that she wants some mommy snuggle time. Yup, couldn't be more blessed.

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  1. They sell indoor toddler gyms, which are pretty much huge soft blocks of various sizes that a toddler can climb on. Or you could clear a corner and stack pillows. Just a thought. I know they'll never be as good as climbing a shelf, though!