Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rest in Peace Boss

Today a friend told me his dad laughed upon finding out that George Steinbrenner, principal owner of the New York Yankees, had died of a heart attack.

What the frick?

Love him or hate him, love the Yankees or hate them, he was a person with a soul and a family. It's a tragedy. It's sad that sports have become what they are now. People selling themselves for money and an hour long press conference (I'm looking at you LeBron), refusing to retire because it keeps them in the headlines (Farve...), and fans laughing about a death on the rival team (Red Sox Nation). I look at clips of the good old days of sports. You've got men in suits and women in hats enjoying a day at the ball park, Larry Bird in his short shorts, team pride, sportsmanship, lack of steroids. Can't go back too far because them you'll get racism and sexism but I swear there was a time in between those times, a golden age of sports. At least that's what I've read.

So Rest in Peace Human Decency. Feel free to make a mockery of the games I love. I will be here, rooting for Derek Jeter and praying I never find out he took steroids.

Also, Rest in Peace Boss. I'm praying you make it to heaven.

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