Saturday, April 23, 2011

Praise Jesus! And then pass the nyquil.

Yesterday Juliette had a fever of 101.9 so we rushed her to the doctors but it was only an infection so they told us to wait it out.

2:00 AM today a screaming baby finally passed out as her fever broke.

Tonight I got dressed up in the brand new dress my mother-in-law bought me with my brand new patent leather 3 1/4 inch heels and my new jewelry and took off with my husband and my youngest daughter to Easter Vigil mass. Madeleine was staying home with Grandmommy.

5 minutes later Juliette and I were on our way home. Juliette was screaming, I was coughing and barely able to breathe.

10 minutes later I was in sweats nursing Juliette, drinking tea, and trying to figure out when I should get myself to the doctors.

Six hours later the girls are passed out and I am scouring the internet for medications that are compatible with breastfeeding so I can join them in sleepy land.

This is the oh, so glamorous life of the mommy.

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