Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another perfect family day

Today we went apple picking and came home with a haul of over 20 lbs of Fugi apple bliss! It was such a fantastic day. As I type some Apple Blondies are cooling on the counter and are being shipped out to one of our friends tomorrow. Now what to do with the other 18 lbs...

Here is our adventure in pictures. For pictures of Sundays' adventure with the petting zoo and animals see my last post. My kids are so sweet all my recipes are now calling for a cup of them instead of sugar.

We never get to get a family picture taken so when a nice lady asked us if we wanted one done we took full advantage.

Unfortunately Madeleine was in a bad mood at the time and only two of the pictures turned out somewhat well. Can't say we didn't try!Madeleine was much more impressed with the trip once the actual apple picking started. I, however, thought that the day was all about me and started picking the apples without her help. I was way too excited about the whole thing.

The "good mommy" part of me kicked in soon enough and I was very happy helping my little girl enjoy our big day out. Even if she didn't always pick the most perfect apples like I would have. She was just so darn cute. And really, the all look the same when baked up yummy like.
Juliette got in on the action too. And by that I meant she held an apple in her hands and examined it closely.She also enjoyed watching her sister pick the apples.
Kyle and Juliette bonded.
This may be one of my favorite pictures ever.
Madeleine was allowed to munch on one of the apples she picked after mommy cleaned it up for her.
Pure bliss...
We then headed over to the swing set to enjoy the beautiful weather.
This was clearly Juliette's favorite part of the trip
Madeleine had "big girl time" when daddy helped her climb the latter to the big slide.
I just love the color of her hair. Auburn...
Down she goes!

Now for the even bigger slide.
Down she goes again!
Look at the hair go!
Mommy was scared of the goats but Madeleine held my hand.
Back home, stripped down to her diaper and ready to destroy some blocks

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