Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jesus Mommy Hail Mary

Tonight at mass I just had an overwhelming knowledge of how blessed I am. Sitting next to my husband, both girls curled up on our laps... I have more than I could have ever dreamed of. I have been blessed by God so abundantly to have His love and then on top of that the love of such a holy man and such precious little daughters.

Then when we were leaving mass I got another blessing. We stopped by the statue of Mary like we always do to say hi and thank you to Jesus' mommy. Madeleine went running up with the biggest smile and started talking to her. When I thought she was done I told her we were heading home and she told me that she wanted to stay here. With Jesus Mommy Hail Mary.

With all the toys and cookies and movie in our home she preferred to be with the Blessed Mother thanking her for Baby Jesus. Sometimes I really wonder what God was giving me such gifts as these two little souls to care for me, but He has it under control. I forget that they already have a perfect mother in heaven and that whatever my weaknesses are that she will be taking care of my girls as well so I have nothing to worry about.

So thank you to Jesus' mommy Mary for loving my babies, show me how to be a mother like you!


  1. oh I love it!! Tonight at mass, I watched a mom, holding her small child while receiving communion, the boy tried to take the Eucharist from the minister, then got upset when his mom finally took it and consumed it. The boy then cried and said "I want one" apparently he thought his sister (who is dad was holding and they went first) "got one" The mom tried to quiet him with a huge smile on her face as she walked back to the pew! Madeleine is just so sweet!!

  2. Thanks! I think she is pretty darns sweet too! Hopefully you two will get to bond soon whenever we get together