Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Long Languages of Motherhood.

I don't know how many know about The Five Love Languages but they were all the rage when I was at college. All the girls were reading about how the both gave a received love. There was a book with a quiz and we would all take it and then force our boyfriends or fiances to take the quiz as well. And then we would discuss the results at length. And then beat a dead horse.

The Five Love Languages were something like this:
1. Words of Affirmation
2. Physical Touch
3. Quality Time
4. Acts of Service
5. Gift Giving

I remember taking the quiz and proudly proclaiming that my top two (you went with your top two) were Physical Touch and Quality Time. I just loved snuggling and holding hand and kisses and spending lots and lots of time together.

We were soon married and did lots of both. I won't say more than that. I was blissful, he was blissful, I got pregnant. I gave birth and then I got pregnant again.

Now I have come to be fully convinced that there are a separate set of Love Languages for Mothers. These are ways that MOTHERS receive love. We all have or are mothers so I wanted to share my newest revelations with the class... blog.... whatever.

The Five Love Languages of Motherhood:
1. Cleaning up after yourself
2. Sitting still long enough to snuggle for like a minute.
3. Those pictures or art projects you make for us
4. When "I love you mommy" is NOT preceded or followed by a request for something you want.
5. Bubble Baths

It isn't that I don't like physical touch anymore... or quality time for that matter. It's that as a mom you can tend to OD on both. There is always someone climbing all over me and wanting to touch me... the girls, Kyle. That is why my love language is now bubble baths. I love my family more than anything but sometimes you just need to lock the door and relax by yourself with a good book. Sure, your family may still not understand why even this is not a group activity but you can explain to them that you will feel their love for you really strongly if they are in the other room. You may even miss them before long. I know I usually do.

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