Monday, April 23, 2012

My little Mensa candidates

There are some days when you think that you gave birth to the smartest children that have ever graced the planet. Let's be honest, as moms we probably have those days a lot. Bragging is in the mother's DNA.

But then there are other days where you look at your kids and think... is this because I had that drink the day before I was pregnant with her? I will probably not be retiring early off them unless they land on some reality show....

This was one of those days.

I've been exhausted so it was the kind of morning where I end up lying on the couch and mumbling incoherently about coffee while the kids run around and throw things. Already not off to the best start ever.

Then Madeleine went pee pee on the potty so I dumped the potty seat, washed it out, and left the bathroom door ajar. I thought the girls were close behind me so I went to grab the phone. A minute later I realized they were still in the bathroom. Alone. Laughing. I ran in and just kind of stood there... because what I saw was Madeleine brushing her sister's hair with the toilet brush. The NASTY toilet brush. It took me a minute to gather myself and grab the toilet brush away, leaving two screaming toddlers that I now had to somehow clean. Awesome.

The rest of the morning went smoothly. The girls were playing happily while I made lunch. It was then that Madeleine and Juliette came stumbling up to me crying. They had manage to tangle themselves in the slinky that Madeleine had shoplifted found at the supermarket (I went back to pay for it) and were stuck. They were trapped in a slinky and could not escape. I considered leaving them that way.

So my kids, they make life interesting.

In other news we went to an AMAZING red sox vs YANKEES game on Saturday. The red sox had been up by nine runs when their bull pen decided it was time to be amazingly awful and the YANKEES took advantage to score 15 unanswered runs and win the game by six (for those of you when cannot do math). It had to be one of the best games I have ever seen, the Yankees went to town all over Fenway Park and did so with great aplomb.

Now it's time for Kyle's weekend so hopefully we can find the energy to do... something.

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