Sunday, November 6, 2011

In a Christmas CRAZE!

Well today has been a L.O.N.G day. Let me tell you!

Both girls have tummy bugs and are sad little sickies. Currently my Pet is on my lap drinking some juice while Madeleine is in an upside down tent. Apparently the long nap did her some good. Of course it has been an all day fight for mommy's lap so we've been snuggled up on the "nice couch" watching movies. I know, I know... but I'm not feeling the best myself, what with the vertigo and the spinning room and whatnot, and Kyle had to work.

I've been very naughty and have been decorating for Christmas WAY earlier than Liturgical and normal calenders deem acceptable. Whatever. I'm a rebel who loves Santa. This year I have started teaching Madeleine about Jesus' birthday as we prepare for Juliette's first. I'm hoping that seeing the celebration for her sister will help her grasp the concept of a birthday for Jesus.

The start of the Christmas season for me really starts with red cups at Starbucks and the first big SNOW, the latter of which came early this year. Along with those things my lovely mother-in-law came to visit for the weekend and so we decided to do Christmas pictures for Christmas cards, family photos, and Juliette's first birthday pictures as well. Naturally they all came out so adorably that I had to run right out to Kohl's to buy frames and naturally when I was there I saw Christmas frames that I had to have. And I left the store with a light up Christmas train and a New England Patriots Nutcracker. If you give a mouse a cookie... she'll probably end up decorating them to look like a snowman, hanging a wreath on the door, and sticking a candy cane in your cocoa.

Of course when I tried to explain "Santa" to Madeleine (he brings you presents to celebrate the birth of Jesus...) she clung to the TOYS part and now yells TOOOOOOOOOOOYS! whenever she sees a picture of him. I told her that this was a very utilitarian approach to take to the whole "Santa" thing.

Really, I am super exhausted and hoping to get the kiddos to bed early so I can enjoy "Once Upon a Time" with my good friend, Baily's on the Rocks.

The new family photo for our living room!

Christmas cards!

The only picture of the girls that is horizontal... since I'm still not sure how to rotate on this website.

One years old. 1/2 part sugar. 1/2 part spice.

The rest of the photos are on facebook. Now back to snuggling my little monkeys!

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