Friday, April 13, 2012

Seven Quick Takes- I ate all the chocolate

1 We've all had colds this past week which has thrilled the toddler with the new doctor's kit to no end. Every single time we cough or blow our nose she is there, suddenly, at our feet and saying, "Oh are you sick? Come to my doctor's office." I am starting to wonder if it really is a coincidence that we all became ill the week after she got equipped to open her little medical practice or if she planned this all along...

2. Much to Madeleine's utter dismay we took Juliette to the actual doctor yesterday, just to be sure since she has pneumonia the other month. The pediatrician examined Juliette as she sat on my lap and Madeleine stood at my side, staring at the doctor and saying, "Be careful. She is my best friend." anytime the baby even began to fuss. The doctor took it like a champ though. He shook her hand and told her she was a good doctor and that next time she should just call him with her diagnosis and he would phone in a prescription. Then he gave her a sticker and all was right in the world. That is how you deal with a concerned toddler. Stroke her ego and then bribe her. This is the second best moment our pediatrician has ever had, the first being the time I told him Juliette sounded like a smoker and he straight faced asked me if I had found her with any cigarettes ever. Brilliant. As we left the office I could hear the nurses saying, "OH MY GOSH! That was so adorable did you hear her call her sister her best friend?"

3. Kyle came home from work early yesterday to help me with the sick kids so I could go to my doctor's appointment. Despite being at the doctor's all the time I don't really know when I had last been for a general wellness checkup. I must have been tired because when I got up to the office I told the receptionist I would be right back because I had left my Dunkin Donuts in the car and needed to get it so it wouldn't get cold. I got out to my car and there was no coffee. I had distinctly remembered going through a drive through and ordering... turns out that was yesterday. The days, they just all blur together sometimes.

4. While I was waiting for the doctor Kyle texted to let me know that he was involved in a very fancy tea party with the girls. It wasn't too long after that that the nurse came in to do my blood pressure and ask me a whole slew of questions. And it wasn't too long after that that we were completely off topic and looking at pictures of the girls on my IPhone. I told her about Madeleine being protective of her "best friend" at the pediatrician's office and Kyle playing tea party. The nurse declared that we were "The cutest family ever! Like something out of a really adorable movie." Stroke MY ego. But really, being completely serious, I just hope that everyone can see the love we have for each other because that is our goal. We hope to radiate the love of God to everyone!

5. The doctor came in soon after the nurse had escaped my bragging left to go see other patients. At this point I was in one of those bag things and had my pants off. Turns out there was no reason for this. Apparently having my pants off was just for funzies. Anyway, the rest of the appointment got underway and she re-asked me all of the same questions that the nurse had just asked. She got to the section about neuro function and this is the conversation that followed.

"So you are having memory issues."
"I am? Did you hear about the whole coffee thing? I mean, what?"
"That's what it says in here. Did you say that?"
"I don't remember saying that."

ZING! I'll be here all week. (But no really, that was an actual conversation.)

6. Madeleine is currently obsessed with having a birthday party. We went to a friend's party the other week and since then it is basically all she talks about. Apparently she will be getting a new Jesus book and will be wearing a Rapunzel dress and daddy will tell her that she looks "so pretty" in it, since daddy is her Prince Charming and all. Poor kid has no idea she is going to have to wait until the end of June.

7. And finally, those of you who are friends with me on facebook will remember that earlier this week I was hiding from my kids and eating a Cadbury egg in the corner. Now the Cadbury eggs are gone and that makes me very, very sad. Let's have a moment of silence for our creme filled friends....

Aaaand that's it. For more quick takes go to God bless!

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